Leaving Feedback Months After Gig Has Been Delivered


I am curious how buyers can still leave feedback months after the gig has been delivered? I delivered the gig as advertised, on time, and no revisions were requested, then the buyer just left me negative thumbs down 3 months later… Should I send support a message about this?


It was actually a mistake. I contacted the buyer and they hit the wrong button. Whew! Thanks everyone!


So why doesn’t Fiverr provide a checklist of acceptable reasons that require some sort of user input for negative feedback?

That way there will be no need for CS to spend time investigating mistakenly pushed buttons.


I think it’s kind of dumb personally. I can the plus’s, sure. But also the negative.

It never used to be this way.

Even buying something in the real world has an expiry date when, once expired stops the seller from complaining. Usually 30 or 90 days. An unlimited amount of time is just some crazy stuff.

Let’s say I’m an A-Hole and order a logo. A year later I get tired of the logo simply because I’ve seen it for a year. I can them change my feedback and request a revision.

I would never do this. But you can bet you’re Fiverr account that lots of people will. And that’s just the tip of the iceburg.


Has anyone ever noticed this in TOS?

"Responding and posting a review: Once work is delivered, the buyer has three days to respond and post a review (or 14 days for Gigs with shipping). If no response is provided within the respond time, the order will be considered completed.

Sounds to me like any reviews must be posted within three days.


But to be fair and abide by the TOS, they should only allow feedback for three or fourteen days. That is what the TOS says. Anything added after that time should be able to be removed…