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Leaving feedback

Hey need a quick help. I just worked on an order and the buyer liked and accepted it but didn’t leave any feedback. Should I ask him to?


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Asking anything about a review or feedback can be a slippery slope. Tread lightly.


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When your buyer receives their order, Fiverr REMINDS them to leave feedback as well as tip if they choose. There is NO reason for you to write to the buyer and ask them for feedback. NONE.

This can get your account a warning. If you like living on the edge, go ahead, take your chances, but don’t come back to the forum sobbing that your account got a warning or restricted.



No, You can’t ask him directly

Lol. Won’t mind him not leaving a review instead of earning myself a warning in the first week of my Fiverr saga!


You can’t ask for review directly

Ignore all of those above even hinting at how to ask for a review.

This is account risking bad advice!

Fiverr prompts the buyer more than once to leave a review.

There have been many forum posts where sellers have got a warning for discussing feedback or a review.

Always best to leave your buyer alone and move on.


Yeah will never ask any buyer for a review. It however hurts to see a buyer loves your work and moves away without giving you a positive public review.

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@nullscripter, @shohrab_hossan, @naikoosuhaib, @gmkhondaker please do not give bad advice to other sellers that could get them trouble!

Do not follow the above advice.


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No, no, no! :scream:

If you read the reply I got from Customers Service, you will see that Jenny said, “Any solicitation, manipulation, or just a comment on feedback may lead to our relevant team to issue a warning to the user who made the statement.”

Stop giving bad advice that can get other sellers in trouble! :roll_eyes: :lying_face:

I am a buyer and a seller on Fiverr. Seller reminds buyers two times to review the order. Plus, the buyer gets to give two secret reviews about the seller in addition to the public review you see on your gig. If a seller asked me for a review, I would not give them any public review and give them poor secret reviews.


Hmm, maybe some people on the forum are intentionally giving bad advice to knock off sellers who they see as potential competitors?

Might be a mix of the unaware and those with malicious intent, or maybe I’m just overthinking it. :face_with_monocle:


I’ve started to wonder that too.


no you can’t discuss anything about reviews unless you want to receive a warning

You should never ask him about reviews

it’s the same thing , you can still get a warning for him ’ leave a comment , leave a review , leave a feedback … ‘’ it’s the same

Fiverr is already reminding the buyer about the review twice , absolutely no need to do that yourself

Hope it’s clear now


I’m surprised no one mentioned the spelling error “trick”.

It will be greatly appreciated if you would leave me a reeviiew and feeedbaak.

LOL. All the buyer has to do is click the report button and flag your comment. Leave it alone and move on, it’s the only smart method.

Someone did, but it might have been on another thread. :thinking:

Perfect. Thanks. I wonder why these sellers advise doing something that’s wrong.

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