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Leaving Fiverr after sales 17800$ in 7 Month

It’s me an unknown person from the planet, After work here 8 Month I feel it’s more buyer-friendly and Fiverr CS doesn’t care about you. How I learn day by day a couple of incidents i faced.

First lesson: never help too much

I took this account from my friend after 30-35 sales, one of my friend clients knock my support after I check I found the problem was on his server, the guy never accepts his mistake. The major turning happens when I refuse to take his order, he starts abusing and Fiverr CS doesn’t care

Second Lesson: Don’t be a trap on Sympathy Card

I faced lots of buyers who start with order a sympathy card I didn’t know anything, kindly help me please, when you did everything perfectly and done, In between buyer changes his mind or found some other service he or she will start blame you, kindly cancel the order.

Always submit proof of work screenshot or Video

Third Lesson: Over Smart Buyer and playing victim card

One incident I faced the guy he thinks he knows everything, he never shares his info properly he came back after someday do some mess and stuck and start blaming me you didn’t do anything refund back. This guy knows that he messed up and just give me threat every-time do you want me to take Fiverr, I said whatever you want you can do, I don’t care. Victim card will not work this time. Fiverr CS check closes the matter.

Fourth Lesson: Honesty People Don’t Care
Some of the buyer I faced they knock me asking the same question, again and again, they just want to hear some fake promises you can earn money, make money grantee, etc.
I always give them clear response what I have and what I can do, if I feel I can do then I take the order, when I denied taking the order, they start abusing me call me arrogant and rude. If straight forward and honesty is rude I take as granted

Fifth Lesson: Never Ever forget your earlier mistake
Recently I faced one buyer who orders something from the next day he trying to cheat I placed urgently and paid but it’s not showing can you do that for me urgent, I said ok I will do after next day he said I order that thing but it’s missing for the gig now and that time its shock me I change my gig almost 4 months ago, even though I change it will take same as when he orders when i counterpart that question also you never put urgent order. I said now I am losing interest to work with you. Then he got angry and start abusing

This time I replay him the same word he uses then I got a warning from Fiverr and got restricted. Fiverr CS doesn’t care about when buyer abuse.

Why am i leaving Fiverr?
The most shocking matter I face, recently one of the orders got cancel by Fiverr CS even after buyer feedback receive.

The funny thing is I did three projects for him on behalf of one order when he said don’t have enough money now. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: Again i got trap in sympathy card and kick me on back. I am a poor fellow who believes in the buyer. The weird point is Fiverr CS doesn’t have to inform me they cancel the order, I don’t think so they don’t even check what Fake excuse fraud buyer submit.

After having 7 months of continuous sales over 17800$+ and not a single negative feedback receive, plan to close the Fiverr, Fiverr CS already told me the account will get back after the warning period. But losing interest reason for need respect from Fiverr

  • Fiverr doesn’t care about seller at all.

  • Honesty and transparent no value here.

  • Fraud buyer will kick you back.

  • Fiverr CS help to seller is a Joke. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Nothing Personal Just my experience, when you doesn’t respect the good thing that time anger comes.

Fiverr see you on soon, Karma will bounce back.

Have a nice day


@automatedsite Thanks For Information, I learn some new tips!

This was the only mistake you made , if the buyer is abusive you can always contact support , show them the proof and ask them to cancel the order , they sometimes even compensate you if you are right … Too much drama for nothing … sorry.

Edit : If he is being disrespectful and you reply in the same manner it’s actual normal to receive a warning… If your buyer is being a total ass , it’s not necessary to be like him :wink:


I did it and doing the same, this happened with the pandemic time, The guy is just cross the line, as human some time its feel hurt, you saying gently and response back as abuse. Fiverr CS replay me after 6 days, and their as usual replay their investigation team will review and i respect that

the most thing is hurting me the recent one, which totally hurt me personally and losing interest, they cancel the order without even check and 3 project i did all are running on client server, the excuse client give you won’t believe he show something different, now fiverr CS saying today after i raised ticket we are checking and sorry.

My question is why now Fiverr CS, at least they can inform or check in order page

I still don’t understand why you are leaving Fiverr. Maybe you are too good for here?
The lessons you mentioned is not only this platform thing, both buyers offline and online use these types of tactics all over the world. You fall for it and let the buyer used you.
Yes, Nothing is perfect and that includes this Fiverr Platform, but you are the only one responsible for the actions that happen on your account. As @cre8iveartwork said, you should’ve told CS about the abusive buyer.

Not a funny thing, sooner or later, this thing was gonna hit you and it did. Not everyone is good here, and as you said, they don’t care. and they don’t.

You are doing really well on this platform according to your mentioned earned amount. And 1 cancelled order and you are leaving, maybe you are too good for this platform. or, you are just done with this Platform.
The choice is yours.

I actually agree that CS is more buyer-friendly. I have had my own share of bad days.

Well, customer is King like they always say

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But friend, there is a lot of examples, CS refund dollar for canceling the order after feedback.

It’s not by choice, they got banned or restricted due to reports from buyer(s).

So while it appears they were doing great and they choose to leave, the truth is they were making money but they weren’t maybe a good fit for Fiverr and vice verca.

I am sorry OP all the above happened to you.

Most of the issues described are definitely things you can learn from as the way you set up your services and the way you communicated with your clients left you open to scams and abuse.



Typically I sell my own product here Fiverr cut 20% it is good, another market will cost 28-34% as the starter until some volume sales I launch a few products their, Now plan to shift theirs. Where I am selling more than 2 years. Now plan to shift all.

Will earn less but sale with transparent

Ohh, I didn’t know that part. The OP said they were leaving so I thought that’s their choice.
@automatedsite that’s really unfortunate.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

They already response it will be get back in few days after warning period, but i am totally losing interest where Honesty and Transparency no Value.

If i am doing wrong something give me punishment i will take accept, when you didn’t check fact blindly blame someone its a unfair policy.

some time you want respect for good thing :upside_down_face:

Yup Friend @seo_articlegeek i will loss some, the lesson i learn here will be lifetime

i think the time is come ,we should do someting.Fiverr always support their buyer but they have no care about their seller

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well thanks for these informations , but can you talk in another post about your history with fiverr how you get to that point fast and how to get more clients please, you will be much helpful to the community

@othmanachagri sure i will try
Quick Note, as programmer my experience, getting client not a hard task Work Quality and Budget Matter.

i got boost around 240-260% sales after increase the price 40% and cut down all the tiny thing.

Work Quality is important as always

Yeah quality is the best , I try to make the best quality work for my clients and push harder than usual in my works ,but you know as a beginner that has not much reviews getting orders is a little bit harder ,well i’m gonna be happy to hear your history with fiverr thanks.

Thank you for you information ))