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Leaving FIVERR because they have bugs since 2 years -_-


Leaving Fiverr because they did not fix bugs since two years -___-

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I haven’t seen you around much since this topic was posted. :small_red_triangle_down:

I figured you already departed the site. What’s buggin’ ya the most?

Anyway, the bugs :beetle: are crazy. Maybe, the website is still in beta. :no_mouth:


I agree with you. Fiverr support quacks. My gig was deleted because they said I was using images from Google and then I gave them all the profs I mean source files and they restored gig but gig has been dropped from first page of search to the 4th page and all my portfolio has been deleted as well. I was getting 100+ orders on that gig per month and now I’m only getting some work from old buyers.
Fiverr Support Really Quacks. Their one representative tells you something else and the next one will tell you something else. :grimacing:

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Hope that everything will go fine with you. Bro almost 2 months have gone and still i didn’t get a single order and very worried. Would you like to assist me in this ? Thanks


So they have a reason as double negative makes it a positive. :joy::joy::joy:


Good bye with 20 characters.