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Leaving Fiverr (Not Blaming anyone)

Not really angry so this isn’t much of a rant but I dunno just felt like posting here.

Firstly, why you can’t just change username? it’s pretty basic functionality.

Anyway that’s not the reason i’m going, it’s just i’ve had an account for 6+ months now and made £3. I don’t feel like that’s because fiverr is bad I think im just not equipped to market my (admittedly basic) skills. Even though I didn’t put all the effort I could have into making my gigs better and getting across exactly what I can/can’t do, I’ve spent so many hours on fiverr with nothing to show for it except £3.03 I just can’t bring myself to bother anymore, I’d been thinking of deleting it for a month or so now and then I got an order out of the blue but it was a terrible experience and has put the nail in the coffin.

i’m still unsure whether I will actually ever try to get freelance work again. It’s been a mixed experience that has netted me almost nothing (even though it’s 96% my fault my gigs don’t look attractive) it just doesn’t seem worth my time and if I wanted to fully commit I would probably be better off doing it outside of fiverr anyway (why lose 20% of all your earnings when you’re going to lose a chunk to Tax as well?)

I hope the rest of you do well and don’t get shafted by fiverr or any weird buyers down the line. Anyways good luck and I hope any other newcomers have a much better return than I did.


It becomes character building after a while. :wink:

Sadly, it’s an uphill struggle however and wherever you try to freelance. That won’t ever change. Unless you have a chunk of savings or a secondary permanent income, deciding to become a full-time freelancer isn’t really possible. You might read about people who quit their job and decided to become a freelancer and it was amazing, but they are all giant liars.

Either they had a nice portfolio of clients from a real-world job they could move to working with on a one on one basis, or they were in the fortunate position not to need money for a year or two while getting started.

I don’t know what you do. However, maybe consider having one last bash at revamping your gigs. Then leave them running in the background of your life and see if anything happens.

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He or she is gone. I like that they didn’t blame fiverr. That was refreshing.


everything in life is about persisting, moving forward in spite of defeats and working hard. Nothing is easy in every area account to obtain profits. So the best way to achieve our goals, objectives and dreams is to always work twice and not loosen the contrary, always looking for ways to improve and innovate every day. This can be useful in any aspect of work, personal life. friendships, love Give the best of us and not give up is what will help you achieve your goals. Greetings, success

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By changing your username,you are changing your identity . Username is the identity in fiverr . This prevent fraudulence.So it should be unique and fiverr doing the best .

I have joined at fiverr about 7 years ago . Then I had not enough knowledge about freelancing and created some low quality gigs .After that I haven’t login several years . I am a buyer also . I have come back and started selling in march and this month I got level one badge . If you have skills and you are good at your skills then you will be success. I think you should learn more and try to be expert on your skills.

You can not sell your service online easily .For that you need to market your services and that is very costly . Just marketing is not all thing you have to earn the trust of the people so that they can buyer from you . In fiverr you do not need to market your gigs. Fiverr is doing market of your services . You are getting 10 buyer request daily for free !.
Do you know on other platforms you have to buyer bids/connects to send proposal . I think fiverr is the best platform for the beginner.All platform will cut 20% . Then I do have any problem to give my 20% to fiverr because they are giving me more effort that the others.

Note:There are no way for the beginner without fiverr… Fiverr is the fastest way to grow as freelancer …