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Leaving Negative Feedback

Recently, I was a victim of a scam where someone requested work using a milestone delivery and then waited until very close to the final delivery date to say they no longer wanted to follow through. The problem with this was that I had put in my time already delivering the first part of the order and continued putting in hours toward the rest of it so that it was nearly complete when they tried to pull this stunt.

WHY in the world doesn’t Fiverr have the option to leave feedback on orders that are cancelled by CS or the buyer? Maybe I am missing something but it seems that this allows for scammers to run rampant here on our network of quality freelancers and in this case, the person purchased content for a website, I wrote it and now they are using it free of charge. I did not get paid for my content or the research that went into it and I am out $300.

Additionally, are there any protections in place that I may not be aware of? This probably would be a ToS question-- such as a non-cancellation clause in gigs or something of that nature? I mean I offer revisions on this stuff, it’s not like I am cranking out sub par work. My 100% positive track record should say something about that but thanks to the above issue, I no longer have a 100%, I am down by a few points. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


This one is tricky. Did they pay for the milestones you delivered before they decided to cancel the project? Check out the disputes and cancellations portion of Fiverr TOS in regards to what protections are in place for cancellations.

Here is an excerpt:

  • All transfer and assignment of intellectual property to the Buyer shall be subject to full payment and the delivery may not be used if payment is cancelled for any reason.

I thought milestones were paid for each time they’re accepted though?


This is my issue with milestones - buyer can wait until the last one … and then cancel.

And I don’t like the 8 day auto complete, either …


I thought so too when I Set it up at the customer’s request but it appears at the moment that I am not getting paid for ANY of it–not the 1st milestone which the buyer accepted or anything thereafter. I attached and delivered some of the work at the 1st milestone and the rest prior to the deadline. The customer then made some sort of dispute with CS and my whole order was cancelled by CS at that point. CS even said that I would be paid for milestone 1 but I don’t see that. The full amount was removed from my earnings when this order was cancelled. :cry:

Ducktheunicorn–yes, they did pay the milestones up to the last one at which point my work was actually completed ahead of deadline and the client stated in chat that they wanted to cancel because their boss had changed their mind–literally that was the reason given. I didn’t cancel the order because they have that option as well and they were so close to the deadline. Instead I delivered the order having already put in the time and requested payment for my work. They disputed the whole thing and I got nothing. They got free content. Later today, the client messaged me telling me that the quality of work was not good and he didn’t want to pay for it–yet he accepted all prior milestones and commented frequently about how good the work was and how well the content would work for his company’s website.

Never do milestone orders. It’s a broken system.

Is that really how milestones work?? I thought Fiverr’s description of it stated that once a milestone was accepted, you get paid for it. :triumph:

On their very own site (

" 1. After the entire order is marked as completed, whether the Buyer stopped it, or finished, you will be paid according to the Milestones completed. For example, if the Buyer decides to stop the order after two out of three Milestones have been delivered, the order will be updated to “completed,” and you will receive the payment for two out of the three Milestones."

If they’re not upholding their own rules, that is a SERIOUS problem for us sellers.

It’s a big problem and feeling sad for you. Before accepting work always check the buyer’s profile. Don’t work with new buyers.

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I know! This is a huge problem! It appears that the funds that are supposed to be there from the completed milestones are not clearing in my account under earnings. I do not see it anywhere. It could be the fact that I responded to CS when they closed the job and didn’t pay me after the buyer praised the work in chat then complained about it after the fact.