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Leaving Negative Feedback?


I’m about as fair and understanding as anyone you’ll ever meet. Even if I receive horrible service at a restaurant, I’ll still tip 20%. It drives my husband insane. There have been times on Fiverr where I have not been 100% satisfied, but I still complete the gig and leave positive feedback. It’s $5 and I’m not going to ruin someone’s life or reputation over $5 (let’s be real, if $5 can ruin either of our lives then it’s time for some serious self reflection). I am generally pleased with what I receive for the amount paid.

Here’s the mess I’m in now. I went back and forth through messages to be clear on a project I needed, and felt confident this seller could do it. I agreed to a custom project and spent a relatively nice sum of cash. The seller was EXTREMELY late on delivery, and when they did deliver, oh boy…it wasn’t pretty. I kindly asked for a revision, and after waiting almost a month, I finally requested the project be cancelled. They declined my request, waited a couple days, and cancelled it themselves. They stated that they could not afford to lose future gigs because of bad a negative review - ISN’T THAT WHAT NEGATIVE REVIEWS ARE DESIGNED TO DO?

To me this is a really strange way of doing business for Fiverr. It strips the buyer of any transparency, and no recourse if the deal goes south. I really want to warn people away from this seller. They’re bad business and no one should have to go through what I went through. However, since they declined my cancellation, it stripped me of any power I had to post a negative review of their services. I can come here and post their information, but of all the buyers on Fiverr, how many really come here to research how they’re going to spend their $5? Seriously.

Is there a way to still leave negative feedback if they cancel the project? I can’t believe I’m taking it this far, but I am seriously a woman scorned and how they treated me was borderline criminal.


I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Absolutely yes, seller will not do deep research for $5, but seller doesn’t need to deliver the bad result with $5.
Have you checked the seller review before you placed the order? Seller review will help you to know about the professionalism of the seller :slight_smile:


Sorry, but if the project was cancelled, you cannot leave feedback. If buyers could leave feedback for Gigs they didn’t even pay for (since when there is a cancellation, the money is returned to your Fiverr account) you would have a lot of not so above board people going around to their competition ordering Gigs only to give horrendous feedback to get rid of their competition! You have to actually go through with paying for the order and accepting it if you want to leave feedback.

Also, naming and shaming them on the forum isn’t allowed, so, it would be removed anyways.



Great reply from a top seller.


I was having a horrible experience with a seller on receiving the PDF files for business cards he had designed for me. I left him a negative review after he’d stopped responding to me and after I had paid for the design and the PDF files.
He has since sent me a photoshop files, so I can make the necessary edits. Now I am wanting to remove the negative comment from his page and go on buying from credible sellers. How do I remove the negative review???


It’s a very good point… So, if somebody delivers bad job, your first option is to offer a mutual cancellation, which they can (and eventually will) accept and then you get your money back, but who’s gonna give you back your time and how can you tell that the person who’s got 100 positive feedbacks doesn’t have a thousand cancellations?


I had been waiting for someone to post like this, cheers:-)


To: muthahustla

Contact Fiver Support and tell them you want to change the feedback on order #F


I just saw a featured seller that has several “Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!” posts in their feedback. So it looks like you post the negative feedback, then request a refund(?) or did the buyer just eat the loss? Could you use the buyer protection offered in your PayPal account to request a refund if dealing with the seller and Fiverr doesn’t work out?

My appologies for all the questions.


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sorry for your problem. The only thing you can do is contact Customer Support. This way the seller will be warned


I’ve only been a buyer a few weeks and my experience of sellers is awful. I feel I have been cheated badly by sellers who just can’t or won’t deliver quality service.


You’re certainly in the right to be angered by this.

Frankly, if a seller delivers late and doesn’t let you know in advance of the gig becoming late (perhaps they have some technical issues as this does happen) then this warrants less than 5 stars on your review.

From what you’ve said, this seller shouldn’t be selling on this marketplace. “Extremely late” is unacceptable anyway but to wait a month (!) to deliver a revision to you is absurd and you certainly shouldn’t have allowed that to happen (though your patience is definitely to be commended).

As above, it is probably worth notifying customer support about this so they can investigate as Fiverr don’t take kindly to time wasting sellers in general as naturally it doesn’t cast a good light on their marketplace (which does have many great sellers).

Rest assured though that if this person forcibly cancelled the gig on you it goes against him/her either way. Only mutual cancellations (either requested by you or by the seller and both parties agree) are classed as neutral and have no impact on the seller account.


Leaving a positive feedback while not satisfied is not a good idea, this way the whole review system is (already) made worthless for new buyers. Hence why lots of sleazy sellers are ‘top rated’ or ‘recommended’ while they produce just garbage, especially article writers and graphic designers lacking any skills.

Communication and samples of original work (not templates) before ordering is VERY important because it helps filtering out lots of morons and amateurs.

For designers ignore the 3 featured gig images but only judge the copies of delivered work, in 99% they are of totally different quality.


What a great article - I too just experiences the same thing. I had a wonderful fist experience, and paid for a custom order. This left me confident to use the seller for a new project. The second time around was a nightmare… left my site in shambles and cancelled. This is horrific! I am glad to see others have similar concerns when it comes to the buyer being treated unprofessionally, and there being no course of action to warn others.


This is a great article, im glad to see that other buyers / users have a similar concern.


This forum seems to have a bug when using CHROME. One thing I want to note, is that while a mutual cancellation and refund (minus the processing fee, not cool) is great - the real issue here is not the ability to cancel and receive the refund, its the LOSS OF TIME! When you work on any project, time is always of the essence, and when a seller promises you something for a set price and firm deadline; well you have faith they will reach completion as promised. When they dont, that is lost time, and lost time equals lost money and other snowball effects… Simply put, there needs to be a better review process, a more honest review process.


Well this is exactly the reason there are so many shady sellers and scammers, because there is no real transparency in the feedback. Sellers get away with bad practices. It’s not about the $5.00, it’s about the eaiting time, the compromise, the trust and expectancy of a good service, it’s the principle.


Buyers need to understand the rules.
Please read the terms of service


What happens if you delivered the work on time, gave extra hour, noting that the buyer was impatient and threatens to put a bad review? What am I supposed to do? I asked which part was done wrong, but he did not respond. Any solutions?