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Leaving Orders in Limbo - Are Their Consequences?


A few days ago, a buyer asked if I could write a landing page for a new website they are launching. They sent a link to a page they would like me to use for inspiration. Everything was fine. In this case, I let them know that they could order from my standard gig package whenever they were ready.

The buyer paid $15 for 1 x $15 article with 0 revisions.

I delivered this order. However, 2-days later the buyer returns and says:


The page I asked you to rewrite has 7 tabs. You have only wrote 1 page. When can I have the rest?"

Basically, this buyer is expecting me to create 8 pages of content because the page they sent me for reference has 7 pages in its menu. i.e. They never wanted content for a single landing page, they wanted content for a full website.

I have replied with:


I’m sorry but you ordered 1 landing page.up to 500-words in length. ‘Tabs’ on the page you sent me for reference are separate pages which would equate to 7 pages of content of approximately 500-words in length. In this case, no sorry, you ordered 1 landing page not 8 web pages.

If you would like your other pages writing, this would necessitate placing a second order for the corresponding amount.

Kind Regards,


So far, the buyer has not responded and I do not expect them to. This leaves me with an order in perpetual revision status, which if I cancel, will reduce my ratings and bring about a slump in new orders. In this case, I’m not going to.

As far as I am concerned, I have delivered what was ordered and what was ordered matches what is offered in my gig. In this case, does anyone have any idea what happens when an order is simply left in revision limbo in perpetuity?


After 24 hours from receiving the revision notification you have 24 hours to deliver the modified work if not you’re entering the “late zone”, try to work out things with your buyer and always be polite…


Contact Customer Service, they would give you a perfect answer to your question


Deliver the order with similar file as you had earlier delivered and include that message

I always prefer writing a message for custom offers such as. In this custom offer, I will write 1 landing page.up to 500-words in length In this case the buyer would not have come back