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Leaving post project outcome reviews


It is always possible to leave a review that evaluates the timeliness of the job done, However, some projects require time to mature and truly evaluate. I am not totally familiar with the entire process, but once a job has been marked complete, is there a way to go back to remark on how well the project served your purpose? I would like to go back to leave a positive review for a seller, but I can no longer seem to find a link to do that. I tried going back in my emails but had no luck.

If there is a way to do this, please let me know. If not, Fiverr should consider adding the option to review after evaluating results.


Unfortunately, there is no way to leave a review about ~30 days after its been marked complete, and recent updates may have shortened that even further. Its mainly done in an effort to prevent unfair reviews, but there are definitely instances like yours where its an issue.

I don’t know if Customer Support would change or add a review for you. How long has it been since it was marked complete?


Seems like you are wanting to “CHANGE” your original review.

Terms and Conditions of Fiverr has been updated.
Once a review has been posted now, you can no longer change it. As a buyer your only option will be to contact Customer Support regarding any issues/complaints. But that may/may not resolve to removal of original feedback for an updated one.


no I never had the opportunity to review because I wanted to see how the
GiG was working and it took more than a month for me to see results, which
is not unexpected, but not all sellers are as good as their word and it was
a new seller for me. I promised him a review when I started to see
results and no I cannot seem to give him the good review he deserves.