Leaving Reviews are getting harder and harder


I’ve been buying on 5r for awhile now. My review rate is rather high.

I find it harder and harder to write unique reviews, especially for repeat sellers.

My question, how do you feel when repeat buyers don’t review you or leave a simple “great work” or “I’m repeat buyer” instead of something long?

What’s your opinion?


It doesn’t bother me when buyers leave a short review or a simple “Great Job” or “Thank You.” It’s just enough for me to know that they were happy with the work. Long detailed reviews are nice too, because I know that buyers took the time to write them out, but either one is good by me :slight_smile:


That certainly would make things easier for most buyer. :slight_smile: Thank you.


I don’t mind at all what a reviewer says, as I know it’s not easy if you are not a good writer to put things into words.


Most of my repeat buyers write a review along those lines:
“I am a regular buyer of Mark, he always delivers what I need”
“Yet one more success”

And the rarest forms are
"Thank you"
“Love your work”

Usually, I have noticed that clients which don’t have great communication and don’t reply too often to messages, are the ones who leave “Thank you” or “Great job”.

I have some buyers, which aren’t super-regular (they order rarely), and they always leave nice long reviews.

However, this is only my observation, it might be different to other sellers, and it might be even dependant on the type of service they are offering, what’s their target market here, and etc.


Thanks all for your suggestions.

I’ve made up my mind on what I am going to do:

  • 1st review: A wordy write up
  • 2nd review: Short write up

I don’t think it’s necessary to leave a review one every order, so perhaps a short “Repeat Buyer” on every other write up should be good. :grinning:


Well let’s see, every time you purchase my gig you always leave such wonderful comments for the residents of Fiverr Land to see which is great, but at this point you buying my gig is great enough, so any type of comment will make me happy!


As far as I’m concerned, “Outstanding Experience!” is perfectly fine, too. :slight_smile:

I wonder whether I did something wrong. Perhaps this time they didn’t like my work?

Other than that, it doesn’t bother me (well, except for that pesky monthly evaluation).


Dang, I forgot about that.

See what happens when you don’t have any gigs, you forget about the latest and greatest implementation.

:grinning::grinning: Shucks!


Well… In my opinion, “Great Work” is far better than not leaving a review at all. I have so many buyers who were very pleased with my work but gone without leaving me a review. That hurts more. :frowning:


I’m just thrilled if they’re happy and leave a dang review!! Some of my regular clients of years, with 500+ orders, NEVER leave one, and they order weekly/daily…

I’ve asked them to, but they still don’t so theymust have their reasons, so I don’t pester. It is what it is!

So, in short, a simple review, is awesome, as long as you’re happy :slight_smile:


Long reviews are the best! But I do appreciate even short ones, considering how tedious it is to leave a review these days. :slight_smile: So can’t blame!


I’ve been sending the link to that review video on youtube but only about two have left reviews that I sent that to. I think they watch it and then forget to come back to leave the review. Or they are on their phones and don’t watch it. I’m really not sure what’s going on but they don’t leave as many reviews at all now.


I also don’t mind that what my buyers write. The main thing is he/she should be happy with the work. Also, the review content only matters when our new buyers read them one by one. In the Fiverr system, the thing that’s matter is the stars that you gave to your sellers. Because his gigs ranking depends on these stars if they are good then you did good with your seller that can help him to increase his sale. But a good reviews is also appreciated as its also motivates us to do more good for new buyers


I think gig related any thinks easels


Yup, someone reminded me of this! :slight_smile:

I think it’s strange how 5r expects every seller to over-deliver every single time. On most sites with 5 star review system, 3 stars = deliver what was promised, 4 stars = delivered more than promised, 5 stars = delivered way more than promised.

On 5r, 5 stars is delivered what was promised and no more - at least that is how it is interpreted by everyone.


Since the new “private feedback” addition to feedback has been added, my reviews definitely have gone down, over-all.

I think sellers just look, and by appearance - think “nope… maybe later” , especially if they’re strapped for time, then just get side tracked and never follow through.


This has been around for over a year now.

The updated version has been around for several months - around 6 or so.


I have a lot of repeat buyers. Their reviews mean a lot to me, but it doesn’t have to be anything more than “Great work” or “Always happy with this seller” etc. I completely understand that repeat buyers who have 10 or even more orders with me in a month don’t want to spend time writing a long, unique, and detailed review every time they order my gig. A simple, short thank you is always appreciated! :slight_smile: The fact that you actually leave a review is great, because they are very important to us sellers.


Has it? I have just heard of it recently… One of my regular buyers mentioned it… Hmmmm… then I really don’t know what’s going on :expressionless::face_with_raised_eyebrow::eyes: