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Leaving reviews for buyers before seeing their reviews (not good)

The new process of leaving a review before a review is visible could be the final decision from Fiverr in favor of buyers that makes me leave the platform. Any negative reviews I have received have been from buyers who didn’t read the gig description, speak good enough English or as I saw recently, for no reason at all.

Please reverse this as it is one of the last lines of defense we have against unreasonable or habitually negative buyers. If you want to improve the reputation of a “website for cheap (often low-quality) digital tasks” then start by taking better care of sellers who have no real recourse for bad buyers. As a seller, I should be able to reject a sale from a buyer with bad reviews and not be penalized.


Fiverr always stand for buyer’s. This is totaly unfair.


This was the hottest topic the other day. check it out here

It seems like fiverr have really hard time understanding simple thing (sarcasam)
It is stupid idea

I’ve decided to stop reviewing buyers altogether. It seems so silly to apologize in every review that I can’t see their review, so I have to ignore any issues/concerns/wishes they might mention.

Perhaps if no one reviews buyers anymore, that can hasten their decision to revert this silly new “feature”.

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These things are good one way because it has now been long time since this review system and I know what my buyer is gonna leave. If you sure and take the work you know you can 100% do it chances are very less that buyer will be unhappy and leave a neagative review

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Sometimes communication was good, deliver on time and clients satisfied with the design but rated a less. It is not good really.