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Left a 5 star review, shows as 0 stars?

So I hired someone to do a job for me and he finished the job well. So I left a 5 star review but Fiverr is saying I left a 0 star review? Is there any way to fix this? Is this a bug? Or is it only saying it’s 0 stars because it is currently hidden?
Really confused and slightly annoyed tbh as this guy is fairly new and this is his first review from a buyer which could really affect his chances of getting more work on this site and I feel awful.

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This should not be bug, never heard about it before…
And as far as I remember there is no way to leave 0 star, Its minimum 1 !
So better to wait for seller to respond to reviews ( let him leave his reviews ) and see if its actually shows you 0…
If it still shows you 0, you can contact fiverr CS and they will help you out…

Its really nice of you that you actually cared about seller, for that avoid discussing reviews or feedback with seller but reach out to CS on your own !


Looks like it was a bug as it is now showing up as 5 stars. (Thank goodness).

I realise this has probably just made me look like an idiot for posting about this but it did show as 0 stars, even after refreshing the page multiple times. But looks like it’s sorted itself out. Either that or this post was seen and was fixed lol.

Respected & a very good client ever. Its for a seller that you are going to make it helpful for seller.

No worries we’re used to far worse posts on the forum :wink:

And sometimes, it can be hard to tell if something is just lagging a bit, or a bug. Great that it’s okay now, and you’re really considerate, chances that anyone reading this will think “what a nice person” rather than anything else, are very high. Welcome to the forum!