Left College For Fiverr ! [ SHARE YOUR STORY ]


Hi guys ,
i want to share my experience about fiverr
i was doing engineering in india but i always wanted to do something more i always wanted a platform which realizes my potential and fiverr gave me that :smile:
so i started freelancing on fiverr in april 2017 before that i was a buyer on fiverr from feb 2017
then i think of trying my self as a seller then i created my first gig and i started learning about plateform how to be successful on it search and read and learn 100’s of articles , videos , forums
slowly i started to learn about it and i started receiving orders
i received my first order after applying to 400 buyers request still i didnt give up as i knew my ratio now so i keep improving and applying to buyers and keep earning their loyality
after doing hard work a satisfied client is all what you need :smile:
and then i decided to leave college and do full time freelancing fiverr as i was earning that much which a 9-5 people earn after 10 yrs of experience :scream:



Go back to college, If you think Fiverr has you covered for the rest of your life you’re making a big mistake kid.


There are many people/sellers on fiverr who are full time fiverrian they get all their income through fiverr and we are glad to be a member of this platform :slight_smile:


If you’ve got something else to fall back on in addition to Fiverr, then fair enough.

You’re relying on a third party website which could disappear at any point (not saying it will, but FriendsReunited, MySpace etc.) - please make sure you have a backup plan, or rich parents! :slightly_smiling_face:


:rofl: hahaha …


In most cases, I would not recommend leaving college, but when it comes to IT field I have to agree that leaving college might work out for a highly motivated hustler :smiley:
Considering how fast technology is evolving, quite often what they teach you at college is already outdated info in the real world.

Of course there are a ton of people who are not cut out for freelancing, but if you feel that this is the right path for you and you’re smart about it then good luck :slight_smile:
So, make sure you have a backup plan and spend some time every day thinking about how to improve your freelancing business. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is that you continue to provide the same service until you suddenly realize that your target audience is gone.

There are plenty of sellers who have learned this the hard way.


I feel that a college degree is very important not just for getting a good job, which it does not guarantee, but for the self confidence and general experience of learning to write well, research, think, and have a variety of abilities and learning self discipline.

You get things out of four years of college that prepare you for life in general that you can’t get any place else. Yes there are many who do very well and succeed without college but for others, it’s invaluable in so many ways.


I totally agreed with you.


Agree very good advise thank you i will keep improving myself and my services :grinning:


I think more than college degree what knowledge you’re getting from education you’re taking is very important
If you’re not loving what you’re doing then you’ll never succeed in it no matter what


I was supposed to have finished the study
Then do another job


Wow! That’s lot perseverance. Keep going…

Like @ssj1236 and other said, Fiverr is not something you can depend upon as a career. Too unstable to be seen as a career. One policy violation- boom! you would be earning less than a college fresher leave alone 10yr experienced professional. (Freelancing OTOH can be seen as a career with something else to backup.)


It’s been my career for a long time. So it depends on you. I know it can be gone at any time because it’s the internet, but for lots of us it’s definitely been a good career.


Good to hear that now you’re successfully but remember that nothing can take place of Education. If you would be having Education, your mind would be opened for new ideas, strategies.

And I also strongly agree with @offlinehelpers


Agree with you … :slight_smile:


Education should not be limit to college it can be consumed from everywhere


Indeed, but a piece of paper with B.Sc. or similar on it really does help! :slightly_smiling_face:


Bro… That’s really inspiring, and i am from India as well and right now doing my bcom… And I hope I too get my success from fiverr and one day post something like this on the forum… A few weeks have passed and i already got 2 orders… :blush::blush: One day maybe I will also drop out to do fiverr full time :wink:
Wish me luck :slight_smile:


Yes, Of Course. Education doesn’t mean getting degree. Education means Knowledge and it can be collected from anywhere.


Best of luck bro :slight_smile: