Left feedback there was an issue NO OPTION for a REFUND. HELP!


I ordered something and i didnt catch it right i thought it said something else when i ordered ( unless the seller changed it )

Well i left positive feedback, then i asked seller for a refund… it doesnt give me the option to rejectit or cancel it since i left feedback ( whichi deleted) the seller said they would but they dont see an option to refund me…

Does anyone have any instructions on how to get a refund back to the buyer?


Contact fiverr support, or change feedback.


Contacting support is always a good option, and while I’ve never been in this particular situation before, I’ve often wondered if there was a way to implemenet some sort of refund system.


If the order is complete the seller will have to contact customer support to have the order cancelled and the funds returned to your fiverr balance . Just drop them a quick message incase they dont know. Wait a few days and if no response is heard head over to customer support and tell them the situation you are in they are always helpful.

What strikes me is that the seller completed the order , did he/she do the work you requested? If he/she did I would check how you stand with customer support as they have fulfilled the contract