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Left my studies to continue fiverr as i loved to work and learn

HI there Everyone,
I am a student who left his studies as i thought this is the best option for me to work and learn what i want the most. as of studies i have been a dull student from after 6th class. My main focus was always meant to be on internet and tech things. So now as i have done my college Means ICS and then started on fiverr my father asked me to choose University or The internet. SO obviously i chose internet as this was what i needed :smiley:
But sometime i think that what if after some years if i have to earn online what will i do then? I would have no studies, No Degree, Nothing.
But Really for now the first reason i started fiverr was to support my MOM so that we both can make our home running :slight_smile: and i am happy that i am trying my best in this,
Above all that i would say :
I REALLY LOVE FIVERR!!! :slight_smile:

If you have any suggestions about it do let me know. Question:
Do you think i would have continued my studies or just keep working on fiverr?
Which is the best option you would choose in this situation? :slight_smile:
Hope to get a reply to my question.



Please continue with your studies. Personally I already have a degree and since I couldn’t get a job, I decided to join Fiverr and use my skills to help others.

No matter what, online income isn’t stable enough to be the only thing you focus on. Even if you become amazingly successful and make a ton of money, it can all dry up faster than you can imagine. If school is hard for you, do it part time and work online part time. If you don’t want to do that, get a part-time offline job that is regular and build your resume. You can do online when you get home. You will need that education and/or job experience and you can use it to boost your online work.

If you do all that and save up enough money to survive on for a year without a single dollar, then full-time freelancing is an alternative. If you end up homeless, though, it is very difficult to work at all so your security has to be first. I speak from experience.

Are you kidding me? Do your studies, get a degree, get a job, make a part time income on Fiverr. I am on Fiverr because I can’t get a nice regular job, that’s all. There are no guarantees with freelancing or online income. It can all go away in a single day. Don’t make such a foolish decision.

Remember, Fiverr is only for a part-time income…do Fiverr or any other freelancing opportunity full-time only if you can’t get a regular job. Nothing beats a regular job for security and stability. With freelancing, there are no guarantees. Of course, freelancing is fine if you are unemployed or can’t get a regular job for some reason. Fiverr should be your insurance policy, something to support you in your time of need - not the only source of ihcome.

You are right bro but the thing is :
In my country even a person with degree have no job. Means here you cant get a job on anything. All my cousins went to Dubai or some other place after doing engineering.
Right now even i am earning much then my dad using fiverr Bro. but you are right about that it cannot be regular. i m thinking about it and going to get admission again and complete my degree private so that i have a degree to show that i have done this :slight_smile:
I am going to work upon your suggestion Thanks

Yes you are right. Right now i am saving money and through most of the comment i am now thinking upon to get admission privately and get a degree :slight_smile:
Thanks for the suggestion. Really Helpful comment :slight_smile:

So right now are you working full time on fiverr? do you think after getting a degree i can keep doing fiverr fulll time and dont do a job as here nobody has job :frowning:

I understand, all the best!

Online income is not stable. If you are unable to keep up, do part time job or some other freelancing work. Spend money wisely and and save it. Continue your study little later. But dont dare to leave study for this online income. I am saying these from my experience.

Friday is actually the last day of my full time job. I’ve worked in sales & marketing for just over 1.5 years and…oh boy…sales is a tough department! I have a passive personality, and closing those deals requires tasteful aggression. Ah well, I will find something else that makes me happy.

That being said, I did go through school too, and while my degree hasn’t been TOO helpful, I don’t regret it. It’s not always instant gratification. Great things can come from this. Not just the degree, but the people you meet and form relationships with. Getting on a timed schedule also helped teach me responsibility. Fiverr can do that too, but again, it might be better to stay with this part time for a while until you are 100% confident in your financial situation.

I know the saying is dated but “Stay in School.” College was the best 5.5 years of my life. :slight_smile: Savor it, form a network of colleagues, and get your name out there.

Thanks :slight_smile: