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Left only "TEARS"

Ten days before my life so smooth,Short span i got level 2 in fiverr as a seller. suddenly 12-10-14 (HUD HUD) cyclone attack my city.whole city look like buried ground that next day. we loss a lot with this disaster, my house also partially collapsed, no power , no net, in this situation i unable to answer my clients and failure to deliver some gigs,after one week i refund money with mutual cancellation,but its too late one buyer release bad review to my gig,then my rating also drop down. after i on vacation mode 10 days. then i start again yesterday but i cant get single order untill now. I dont know what i do???

Write customer service, tell them what happened. Maybe they’ll help you out.

Already i done it. waiting for positive progress. have look my city situation

thanks mr.fastcopywriter.