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Left only "TEARS"

Ten days before my life so smooth,Short span i got level 2 in fiverr as a seller. suddenly 12-10-14 (HUD HUD) cyclone attack my city.whole city look like buried ground that next day. we loss a lot with this disaster, my house also partially collapsed, no power , no net, in this situation i unable to answer my clients and failure to deliver some gigs,after one week i refund money with mutual cancellation,but its too late one buyer release bad review to my gig,then my rating also drop down. after i on vacation mode 10 days. then i start again yesterday but i cant get single order untill now. I dont know what i do??? - See more at:

that’s sad. you need to work little harder to get back top rating and orders. promote your gigs on social media, try to get some orders and improve rating than you’ll start getting better results again.

I’m sorry this happened to you. You have to remember, on Fiverr you are a business owner like any other and it will take a little time to get back on your feet.

Think about it as though you went to a real store in-person, a place that you really like. The door is locked. You go to another store that is open. A few days later you see a sign on the door of the “old” store and it says they closed due to an emergency but will be back soon. Eventually they do re-open and you return. Some of their customers are lost forever, others will come back once they know it is open again, and then there will be brand new good customers who don’t even know anything happened. It works out if the business owners stick with it, offer good deals and service and give it time.

On Fiverr, it is no different. After a crisis you keep going and you will rebuild. I hope this analogy helps. Hang in there and good luck!

Only the mounted cavalryman has the risk of falling down, one who crawls has none. But is it worth it ?

C’mon Man! Just buck up, brush off the dust and keep delivering. You can start with some promotions, new Gigs etc. If you work well, very soon positive reviews will outdo that single negative one.

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