Legal Proof Of Fiverr Outsourcer Produced Ownership


A reputable internet law attorney from fragglesrock is saying that buyers of images (and by implication other copyright materials) are Not covered by Fiverr’s blanket statement of transfer of ownership to the buyer under FTC regs and that we need to have a signed release statement by the actual individual Fiverr seller/creator to meet the FTC’s requirements.

I just bought a USD 5 image so of course I’m concerned. I will have to go back to the Fiverr seller and pay another USD 5 to get the same image on condition that she sends me a message confirming her sign over of ownership of the image property.


For sure, it’s not possible to cover all aspects of anything on fiverr. It’s the same with videos we produce. Buyers think they “own” the video and can do what ever they want. But, that’s not the case with a presenter in the video as the the buyer doesn’t “own” the image and voice of the presenter. In turn, if the video is broadcast on television without the authorization from the presenter, the buyer could be litigated.


I thought “work for hire” situations mean the buyer owns the work purchased?


Yes, we are looking for a legal form to have our seller complete saying that we own the graphics that were completed for us. Does anyone have one?


No seller is going to fill out a silly form that is not enforceable because you don’t have an identity information. In addition, it is against fiverr rules to give out personal info so sellers don’t have to comply at all. So, you are stuck.


Reply to @edume: very true.