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Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, wore a hoodie to a formal investors meeting.

The 27-year-old arrived for a New York meeting with potential Facebook investors earlier this week wearing a black sweatshirt with a hood, a relatively sobre outfit for the man who is said to have worn his pyjamas to a meeting with venture capitalists.

But Michael Pachter, an analyst with Wedbush Securities, was not impressed. “He’s actually showing investors he doesn’t care that much; he’s going to be him,” Mr Pachter told Bloomberg TV. "I think that’s a mark of immaturity."

What do you think guys? Is this being classy or being ignorant ?


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Reply to @anarchofighter: Yeah possibly. Got to say, that guy has guts


Well, given the difficulty and losses the stock has taken, it might have been nice to behave in a way that would be more “conciliatory”.

At the same time, he probably wants to hold on to his Nerd cred by seeming “out of touch”


By the way, I’m not even sure if you can post news links here.


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He was an amazing person, have you heard his speech at Stanford?


IMO they’re reading too much on Zuckerberg’s outfit. I don’t think wearing a hoodie in a meeting shows he doesn’t care that much, but the opposite - he just wants to focus on running his business instead of wasting time on thinking what to wear in a meeting.


Reply to @magisworks: Possibly, but that dude deserves respect.