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Legitimate way to get traffic to a fundraising website

I requested a gig for this and received a ton of replies. I’m just not sure what is legitimate and what isn’t. Even feedback on some of their accounts seems fake. Can anyone recommend a legitimate person to work with on this?

Organic real sharing is key. After all you want real engaging people to participate and give to your cause.

Use your social media and your friends social media. Create a video or banner pic with a clear message that your friends will want to share. Be inspired by things you’ve seen in your social media channel that tugged on your heart. Focus on a message that people will want to be a part of and want to share with others.

You can guest post on blogs, be a guest on podcasts, and local tv shows or internet tv.

It’s about networking with real people that will help connect you to people that are a good fit for your non profit.

You could get help with many individual elements of this, but there is not a $5.00 easy button.

Good luck!