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Less and less order

Hello all,

I have noticed such a drastic reduce in orders after all fiverr changes, mostly the last one week.

Anyone experience the same?

I had more order in the beginning, almost 3 years ago when started on this website than now :frowning:

Could it be that buyers not knowing the new reviews system and see so little reviews (now I am around 90, when actually almost 2000) change their mind to the order?

I really hope fiverr gets at least the review system back to what it was!


Yes I have also noticed less orders for some time, also I don’t know why my completion score is going down without any reason.


All of you, sellers, are asking the same questions! Read previous topics and understand why.

• Tags
• Title
• Description
• Price
• Gig images or video
• Sellers count

That’s what makes your gig interest the buyers.

  1. Tags :pencil2:
    You need to update your old tags to new and better ones, which you think a buyer is most possible to write in the search. Never do two words in one tag. ( SEO )

  2. Title :pencil2:
    The title should contain some of the words of the tags to appear. ( SEO )

  3. Description :memo:
    The description should contain all of the tags. ( SEO )

  4. Price :moneybag:
    Price should be reasonable.

  5. Gig images or video :file_folder:
    Add a video! Buyers love watching videos instead of boring images.

  6. Sellers count :slot_machine:
    Every seller wants his GIG to appear at first. Even new sellers. For example sellers offering Logo Design are 52561:


Also, when a seller has orders, it’s possible for you to go back in results because Fiverr gives the opportunity of having orders to new sellers too. Also, if the new sellers have better tags, images, descriptions… gigs, that may be why you’re going back.

To all sellers:

Update your mid-century gigs and never stop updating them! Updating them once a month is enough.

Hope that help you understand how Fiverr works! :rocket: Go ahead! :rocket:


A level two seller got down to level 0, guess now how he is feeling.

The competition is high now, very very high


I’ve gotten much more orders after the changes…

My point being-

I honestly think the reduction in the number of orders cannot be attributed to one single factor such as changes made by Fiverr (unless it is a MASSIVE change; does changing the profile structure to show only rating from the last 60 days qualify as a MASSIVE change? Maybe… maybe not… I don’t know ).

In my opinion, it is just that when we are having issues, we try and find a reason to blame it on… And, sometimes, it may not be the real reason.

Also, the reason why I might be getting more orders now could also be because I am just starting out as a seller :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi, August is best month for me .in terms of sells.i got more orders in the August then others months .I joined the fiverr last year.even I demoted to level zero.


that helps a lot, thanks