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Less and less sales, more than ever


Usually for me summer time isnt when i get huge amounts of orders and im fine with that, although ive seen it massively drop not like a little but A LOT, usually once a week ill have about 10 -14 orders this week i only have 2 and i know its only tuesday but id have at least 4 or 5 by now. And my new gig has been up for 2 weeks but only 8 views? The new gig i have created is professional, has a good description, gig video, pictures and audio samples but only 8 views. I usually dont complain about getting sales and views but something seems really strange to me, fiverr always seems to be undergoing maintenance but never fix any of the real problems that buyers talk about, they dont listen to buyers to improve the website i mean whats so hard about getting some feedback from sellers and buyers to make their website even better, sometimes i just want to throw it all away but i havent worked 2 years on it for nothing so yeah haha

I know people say promote your gig, ive done that, ive tweeted out, posted on facebook groups etc… but honestly thats just annoying and no one cares, my social media is where i promote my own original music and my youtube channel is based on covers,original music, lifestyle videos so the demographic dont really want to hear about me going on about fiverr, they are probably all broke teenagers i dont think me going on about how you can buy my gigs is going to help me out any or they generally just couldnt care less.

Is anyone else having a massive drop in sales or are people just not wanting to buy from me anymore lol


The Fiverr search fluctuates.

If you want to learn more search “algorithm” on the forum search.


I’m having a very similar experience to yours, Shauna, since they began testing the Search Default parameter changes. In my opinion the algorithm isn’t working properly. The search results don’t seem to be “dynamic and rotating” as was indicated.


you can see seller with thousand review (high positive review seller) on page 1 search result receive ton of sales haha, and fiverr with new algorithm will kill any seller with hundred review like us. :frowning:


I hear you, amirulslee - I see in search results for my gig that the TRS people have maintained a lock on the highest search positions. I do hope that changes!