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Less buyers are rating orders and here's why

Have you noticed that less and less buyers are taking the time to rate orders, for the last month or so? Well, I’m not only a seller but also a buyer here on Fiverr. As a buyer, what I noticed is that now buyers have to actually write a review if they want to rate an order. So now they have to do both, the stars and a custom written review.

In the past, buyers only had to rate the orders using stars. Fiverr generated a generic review like “Outstanding Experience”, “Poor Experience”, etc. But now it’s mandatory to actually write something and I can see that less and less buyers are willing to do that. I guess most of them are too lazy to write even one word.

Before this, I received reviews everyday, delivering the exact same thing. Now most of them don’t really take the time to do so. Many of them even order my gigs again, (meaning that they liked my service), but they still won’t rate the orders. Only a few actually take the time to do that.

It’s not only me, though. I checked my competitors, and gigs that used to get dozens of reviews per day, now only get a few reviews per day. Still more than me because they have hundreds of orders in queue and deliver many more orders than me on a daily basis, but it’s obvious that they are being affected as well.

So what do you guys think about this? Do you like that now buyers have to actually write an actual review, making the rating system somewhat more honest? Or do you hate this because now it’s more difficult to get reviews? Reviews that ultimately are very important to get gigs going here on Fiverr.


I think it’s really smart: reviews are actually purposeful and meaningful, and not just the easiest course of action (like a five-star to get it over with, rather than evaluating your experience).

However, I still believe that a no-response rating should be available. I think there’s a certain go-with-your-gut about needing to just take a second for a review. That’s invaluable customer data, right there. Also, too many buyers are too lazy to write a review, but that doesn’t negate that they would give a genuine rating. So a rating system without the fill-in would make the most sense, to me.

As a former very small writer, I think it’s important to ease the route to a defined customer rapport base. Overall, the benefit of expecting all buyers to be proactive and helpful through this new system does not counteract that of more reviews, which theoretically are not any less genuine. I see Amazon implementing this, and I personally think it’s an excellent system.


I feel that 5r reviews are generally like 99.9% - 5 :star: 's.

Because I’ve been burned once too many times, I rarely look to the stars as a method to hire or not hire a seller. What exactly is the purpose of a 5 :star: system - when everybody has it? The great sellers, average sellers, the below average and even the (poor sellers - who traded reviews from some underground Facebook or Black Hat).

I’m not a seller but from my perspective having reviews are okay and may have some impact on my buying or not. I like to see a great portfolio, seller’s profile, gig profile and finally an inbox conversation - if needed.

I can see this from your point and I’m sure there are many buyers who choose a seller based on the number of reviews.

I guess I have mixed feelings. I rarely give “Outstanding Experience” - as I either write a review or not.


Personally, I think they should keep both options available (just like Amazon). Buyers that want to rate but don’t want to write, should still have the option do so. And buyers that want to write a review, should have that option as well.

As a seller, it’s not just about buyers watching that we have many good reviews. It’s more about the search engine algorithm. Every time we get a review, our placement improves. If we don’t get enough reviews, our gigs are going down in the search results.

If buyers are satisfied with our service and are willing to quickly rate a gig but without taking the time to actually write something, I think they should have that option available, like they always have.

Maybe they should discontinue the generic reviews generated by Fiverr, but still let buyers rate using only stars (again, like Amazon).


More than 60% of the sellers have an average rating of 5 and more than 96% have more than 4.7.

[source for the study claiming this in this thread]

Me too.

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Hum, so I wasn’t too far off my (made up) assessment. :slight_smile:

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I noticed that I hadn’t been receiving any generic reviews recently, I guess this is why :smile:

As far as I can tell, I’ve actually been getting more reviews, but I was attributing that to the “thank you” notes I started using for deliveries (Fiverr Seller Hacks).

If a buyer doesn’t feel like writing much, they can just say “Great job!” or “Good job!” I think it’s a great update.

I :sparkling_heart: thank you notes. It makes me feel :slight_smile:, which has me writing a :star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star: review with a :star::star::star::star::star: rating. :two_hearts:

I read somewhere that when a waitress writes, “Thank you” on the receipt with a smiley face, she gets something like an average of 20 to 40% more tips.

I guess it’s a subconscious thing, we all like to feel appreciated.

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I think buyers should have the option to just rate without a comment. It’s ideal if they write something, but sometimes a 5 star is enough from their part. Not everyone will have specific things to say other than great job!

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Perhaps Fiverr has chosen to format reviews this way to minimize reviews, thereby making any that are posted all the more valuable. They know that sellers crave reviews, and they know that many sellers accept nothing less than 5-stars. Since buyers have to take the time time to think about any review they leave (and many won’t be bothered to do that), Fiverr balances the scales between those sellers that demand perfect reviews just for the sake of having another 5-star review, and sellers that actually deserve great reviews.

I think this is a great idea on Fiverr’s part. Sure, I miss the easy reviews that many buyers posted, but I’d rather have a more balanced review system, then have to keep completing against sellers that find ways to game the system just so that they can look better.


I´m pretty sure it will mean less reviews over-all, not just 5-star reviews, however, while laziness may be one reason, I think there´s also

  • not wanting to be forced to something, generally

  • types who are okay with clicking stars and a default pre-generated text but would rather leave no review than having to elaborate and ‘get personal’

  • people who aren´t so confident about their English skills

  • resellers (not all of course, but some, different reasons).


I say, this is #1 reason for a buyer not reviewing.

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yes it is true i get few orders in a week want more review to rank up my gig but huyers only take order and run away i tell them again n again but they don’t reply me

??? :confused:

What so you mean? You don’t message them multiple times to review??

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I message them but they don’t reply me they disappear for some days or week then i also forget them

Don’t message people asking for reviews. That’s against the TOS.


For me it’s more or less the same, I used to maintain a 93% of clients rating orders but the last 40-50 days I’m balancing between 91 and 92%. Which is okay :slight_smile: I guess this new feature with reviews helps prospects get a perspective over a purchase, personally speaking I’m more impressed by gigs with a few DETAILED reviews rather than 100’s “outstanding experience” ones.


Most of the time, I follow up a day later if I haven’t heard anything with:

"Hey there,

Let me know if there is anything I can do for you regarding the delivery, or if you have any other questions - I would love to answer them.

Have a great day,

Generally… about 80% of the time they then review, 15% or so ignore, and 5% actually needed a revision, but for whatever reason - didn’t request one?


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I hate to nag people especially now that they don’t even have an automatic messages to fill in a review, so it makes them have to think up what to say and put it in writing, which many people are not good at.