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Less competition Gig

Please , Let me know which gigs have less competitions and more demands.

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That’s not how Fiverr works. If you want to be successful, find ways to offer the skills that YOU possess. Freelancing is about offering your skills to other people who need your skills to complete their projects. It is NOT about finding the quickest way to make money.


Thank you for your advice. :slight_smile:

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Now, let’s hope you actually follow it. :wink:


:smile: Sure! But I want to know for research purpose. @jonbaas

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you have to try and hard work to get that


I believe you have to be creative and work harder in researching the markets, like most successful Fiverr sellers. Fiverr and Fiverr buyers won’t like the same gig already offered by many; there are no capsules of ideas to apply to someone else. Even a creative gig can die by the time when the competitions increase, so I believe you always have to be creative and always learn new skills, do new quility gigs and prepare for the future of competitions.


i think , Dancing Gig Is less competition for now. BUt if you have any Unique ide, then You can easily make millions :pound::pound::pound::pound::pound::pound::pound::pound::pound::pound:


In Ireland, there is huge demand for housing and there is nobody selling that as a gig.

As Jon said, focus on selling what you are good at. Presumably, by research you mean you are researching the type of gig you should sell. I have seen lots of “gurus” telling people to research in the way you have asked. Those gurus are likely responsible for a lot of the sellers on Fiverr who never sell anything - because the seller focuses on something they think will sell instead of something they can actually do. Those gurus are certainly responsible for a lot of the problems that buyers have had when they have ordered in good faith, only for their seller to be completely incompetent.
If you want to make money, do something you are good at. If you are not good at anything, start learning something.


hahaha! that is so true even students cant get rent for a house!


Thank you for your advice.

Thank you for your advice, I am trying to learn something new, hope you guys will always help us with your precious advice and ideas. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am strongly agree with that.

i know create flyer, posters, and banners it will increase your orders more. instagram story creation, fb stories are less demanded. these gigs help me lots.just try

Researching a market could be useful if you are selling fruits and vegetables. What can I sell today? apples or bananas?. In your (our) case, we are entrepreneurs of ourselves and we can sell only one thing: our talent. Which is a specific talent. I create wonderful orchestral music, another one writes narrative fiction, and so on. This means you cannot research the market for this purpose, because you have only your talent and your skills.

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good wished for your fiverr achievement… be patient and can earn ore