Less gigs or a deliberate action?


Hello :slight_smile:

I have a question to you, as I have been active on the website for over a year and today, I have been looking at other gigs to get some inspirtation from them…then, I have noticed someting strange…

…several months ago, the “Fun & Lifestyle” (especially the “Others” subsection") was teeming with life, with hundreds over hundreds of whacky, strange, and exceptionally creative gigs. Today, there are only 20 or so with no more showing.

My question is - have so many gigs been deleted or banned, or is it some kind of search engine magic? I have noticed a remarkable drop in the number of gigs visible in other categories, as well as a notable drops in my gig stats…what has been happening with gig visibility lately? :slight_smile:


Could it be because there are probably not many buyers for such services? Or are you referring to an entirely different issue? I am not sure. :thinking:


It may be :slight_smile: I do not consider it to be a factual problem but rather - I would like to share me thoughts with you and check whether or not I am alone in thinking that the total amount of gigs has shrunk considerably :slight_smile: Because even if a given gig is not profitable and the seller has decided to keep it, it should be listed somewhere, right? :slight_smile:


Yes they have. :sunny:


In such a case…it is a very good thing, for some of them have seemed to me to be scammy or unfair at least :slight_smile: