Less impressions and more views


Any body knows the difference?


Hover your mouse over the “impressions” and “views” text to see an explanation.

Impressions: Total number of impressions this Gig received on Fiverr in the last 30 days

Views: Total number of page views this Gig received on Fiverr in the last 30 days

Basically, impressions mean that someone saw your gig’s thumbnail somewhere, most likely in search results. Each display counts as one impression.

Views mean that how many page views you got from any sources on our gig overall.

Clicks mean that how many of the impressions ended up with a page view, caused by a person clicking on the gig.

Hope I was clear enough.


Thanks! What do you think about changing the sub category regularly


I’m trying to avoid making changes to my gigs as much as possible. I would not recommend making changes too often, as every time you make a change to one of your gigs, it will disappear from the search results until a Fiverr staff reviews the changes and approves it. It usually takes 24-72 hours. I would suggest you pick a sub-category that suits your gig as much as possible and leave it as is.


Thanks Alot ! really Helpfull


OK. I will come back on my previous Sub-category and keep it then. I will follow your advise as well.