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Less is more?


First post, Hi guys! :slight_smile:

I started fooling wrong with my picture gig, first I offered 3 photos, and I got a decent amount of gigs. I figured, hey, let’s amp it up to 6 photos, I mean it’s not hard to pose in front of a camera anyway! Now it’s getting little to no traffic.

I noticed this with a lot of other gigs, girls (and guys, but it’s mostly girls) offer “1 clear photo of me with your sign” are bumped to the top, but the ones that die down quickly offer 3+ photos or some larger amount of effort.

I suppose a solution is say you’ll give one photo, and then over-deliver? What little word tricks have you noticed?


I don’t think it works like that at all. Fiverr is like Google in that they won’t tell you the algorithms about the search rankings, but they do change often. I would not worry about it though. I saw your videos and they are professional. My advice to you is to keep doing what you’re doing and not worry about your search rankings and that sellers with less signs are getting better rankings.



Reply to @hotwebideas: I really appreciate that! Thanks. the whole thing was a bit confusing to me. :slight_smile:


I seriously doubt having more images ruin your chances of getting more orders. I’m pretty sure I get more orders because of the screenshots I have on my web design gig. In fact, I have had a few customers request stuff like what I’ve done before.



Reply to @kim_talented: As long as you’re getting orders, why rack your brains over the search results. I don’t ever remember seeing my gigs at the top of searches, but I still get orders. That’s the bottom line for me.


Reply to @hotwebideas: that makes sense! The whole process is new to me, I just found it odd people offering only 1 photo were still the highest sellers. must be great photos!

@kim_talented: The screenshots are a great idea, I can see why they rally more in

lolacey said: I just found it odd people offering only 1 photo were still the highest sellers. must be great photos!

Nobody said that Fiverr is a perfect website. There are still a lot of flaws on this website, but I still enjoy being a seller here. I may purchase one of your sign video gigs