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Less money on 'pending clearance' than the money I receive from the gig


I have seen many topics about this subject but I didn’t really understand.Is normal that on pending clearance is showing 4$ from a gig of 5$?Fiverr is taken 1$ out of 5$ everytime?


Dont’ forget to pay Fiverr its 20% commission off of every sale and tips.


Thanks for clarification.This is absurd to be honest.


there is nothing absurd here. You buy a car, you have to pay for the fuel…


The percentage is too big in my opinion.Otherwise it’s normal to pay commission.


Fiverr gives you the opportunity to promote your gig worldwide without paying anything unless you make a sale. Seems fair enough to me.


How much do you think fiverr is spending to keep the site up?


I understand every cost, I just wanted to know if it’s a bug, it happens here or they actually take this commission directly.


It is to your own benefit to read the terms of service and know how this works.


My own shop in an international department store?
No need no write invoices?
No chasing clients to make them pay?


Also your international shop is open 24/7 and you never have to leave home to work there.


Haha really agree with you!