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Less my activity in fiverr

6 Month completed. But not getting any order. I don’t know what the fault. Day by day my activity is less down in fiverr.

Well, are you taking responsibility for your own success, or are you waiting for Fiverr to give you that success without you having to work for it? You have 100% control over the success of your gigs. If they aren’t gaining the traction that you want here on Fiverr, then start promoting your gigs on your own. Figure out who your target customers are, find out where they are located, and go tell them about your gigs (via ads, forum participation, social media, etc.)

No one becomes successful by sitting around and waiting for success. Be proactive. Get out there and promote your gigs! :slight_smile:


Thanks for your response. :slight_smile: . I will try my level best all the time. But I have a chance to prove myself. I want to a chance.

@jonbaas is quite right - you can’t wait for success to fall into your lap.

Are you putting in your 10 buyer requests each day? Setup FB fanpages, Twitter accounts etc. - one for each gig if need be - Fiverr will bring some traffic, but sometimes it helps if you can bring traffic to Fiverr.

Good luck!

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thanks for your valuable suggestion :relaxed:

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6 months of hard work should lead to more deeper knowledge about the service(s) you offer, and you should feel more confident and eligible. If you love something, you will make it ! no doubt about it.

For now … be aware of the below points ;

  • You offer services about social media and marketing. So you should use more media from photos and videos to promote your gigs. Also ;
  • All your gigs need much more information provided, and more relevant keywords, in the gig description.
    NOTE : Be certain, direct, and confident in this area. Say I will do this, I will make this. Don’t use ; I think this can lead to that.



:relaxed: You are right & and thanks for your valuable response.

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Our “responses” are only valuable if you actually take our advice, and put them into action.

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:arrow_up: +:100: This made me giggle! :grinning:

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