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Less number of Gigs give you more orders?

Hi! I have seen many Top Rated Sellers have just 2 or 3 gigs. No more than 6 gigs except few while they can create around 20 gigs. Why is that? Is it because they have enough orders which they can’t handle or having less number of gigs make more orders by the system.

I asked this because I have the same experience. When I started I just have one gig on my profile. This is my first fiverr gig But I got two orders in the first week. and people kept messaging me.

But later I created few more gigs. Here you can see themThen my first gig went down on the list and people stop messaging me. can somebody explain this or anybody has the same experience?



Most Top Rated Sellers are very skilled in a specific area, and they focus-in on that area to make their money.

We offer Voice Overs, and our two gigs are one for Male, and one for Female. We’ve experimented with adding a specific gig for ‘Female Voicemail Message’ for example, but we found it got very little traffic, and people would order from the wrong gig in a lot of cases. We believe the customer experience is going to be better when you come to our profile to see 2 options - Male and Female.

Whenever I see a seller offering 7 generic skills like background removal, SEO, Wordpress optimisation, Data Entry etc… I just assume that they’re not really an expert at any of those things, and it would make me less likely to order from them.


Thank you for the answer. I guess you are correct :kissing_heart:


TSRs have also had time to see which of their Gigs perform best. There’s no saying a TSR with a few Gigs didn’t start out with seven or ten before whittling them down to leave only the best performing.


Less number of gig give you more order if you expert on that skilled and you got order every day. Otherwise you can create more gig related your interest then promote your gig. Or you spend more time to your less number of gig. If you spend more time to few of gig you can promote your gig properly and interact with buyer easily and made huge order.

Thank you so much! But how can I promote my gigs?

Having more gigs can keep you from optimizing the first gig well. It usually takes about 100 deliveries on an offer to get the description and instructions perfect. If you are not getting 1 gig off the ground, starting a new gig will not help the first gig.

Make sure that all the gigs clearly represent that you are an expert.

Multiple gigs can cause confusion when ordering. Lots of mis-orders, wrong prices and wrong delivery times.


It depends on the type of service.

I put myself in the buyers shoes - are the more likely to search for ‘voice over’ or ‘voice mail recording voice over’…I find being specific helps them find me and allows me to price in the simplest way from the outset.

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Agreed - and we had exactly the same thought, and had a specific voicemail gig for about 6 months. But for whatever reason, it just didn’t get traffic.

And because we priced ever so slightly differently to our main gigs (didn’t include commercial rights or broadcast rights as options, sometimes offered slightly more generous word counts due to the quick nature of IVR recordings) we would get people ordering commercial recordings via our voicemail gig, so they didn’t have to pay commercial rights and could get a higher word count.

Each to their own, and we’ve only paused the gig, so perhaps we’ll unpause it and try again at some point, but we found the limited amount of traffic we got wasn’t worth the headaches it caused.

Yes, it’s always awkward when people try and get something cheaper.

I find being hard from the outset works.

This is actually answer to this thread.

Some sellers have 1 gig only and have many sales, but some sellers have 10+ gigs and have sales on all of them. Some sellers are even in teams so they list all skills on one profile.

I don’t think number of gigs depends about number of orders


Thank you :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

I have removed all other gigs and keeped only one. Which describe my expertise in one field.

Why? It seemed that you had plenty of orders and reviews?