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Less order less income


Hi All member how are you?
can anyone help me? I don’t get an order in my profile what happens. Please help me. approx one year no order no earn


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If you have a year without selling, I think you should analyze changing your gigs, maybe you are not offering a quality service compared to your competitors.
Check your attitudes well you may have more skills in other areas which you can get more advantage and thus achieve some sales.


Hello, after one year i think you sholud change some things in your gigs (keywords, images, descriptions etc). I wish you all the best luck

Maria S.


If you already spend one year without selling,you should make change in your gigs.Optimize gig properly using buying and secondary keywords,send 10 buyer request daily,active on fiverr…Hope you will get your first order soon…


If you’ve spent a years sitting around waiting for sales, and doing nothing goal-oriented to build your freelance business, then perhaps being a freelancer is not the right business for you. Being a freelancer requires motivation, inspiration, constant goal-oriented action, and a business mindset. It would appear that you have none of these, and that likely explains your lack of success within the last 12 months.

You are either going to have to change the way you look at Fiverr and set some business goals to achieve, or find another source of income.


I need to check your profile, gig title, tags, gig description and see if you are using the right keywords. Your gig description should be attractive for buyers to see you can solve their problems.


Hello seowriter_hub,
Thank you for your response please check my link and let me inform what happen to my gig


Thank you so much @sk_sajib :slight_smile:


Hi @mariasereti thank you so much for your suggest :slight_smile: