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Less orders On December


Facing law rate of orders or less orders in this month.
Totally order less. Wherever it seems daily 15-30 orders/ request per day !


Yes you are right.
i also face this problem in this month.


I hope that will solve end of the month i hope,


Yeah, this month is usually bad! Yesterday I didn’t receive a single new message from any buyer, and usually it’s 8-15 messages a day. So many holidays, so people aren’t really doing shopping. Except maybe christmas presents, so some gigs do benefit from that. May want to think if you can sell something that would be a nice gift :slight_smile:


December is a bad month on fiverr. The past year was bad, and this year also, okay it’s the first week of december… And my christmas gigs, nothing… So I hope that a few orders will come in this week.



Last week of November until today is very bad. Worst in my records :frowning:


sales are down from end of November to still.