Less Orders this month



I am a level 2 seller and My last month was fabulous but I am receiving very few orders this month even my gig is on page 1. I want to ask is this only me or is this happening with others too ?

Yet to attain my Level 2 badge after creating 50 Orders!

wait how do you have different profile picture for your forum id??


Just like any other business, it happens.
Sometimes you get a lot, sometimes you get none.
it happens to everybody for sure, it’s nothing unusual.


Things are a little slower here. Like zeus777 said. It will always be up and down.

You can always check your competition by looking at their reviews below their profile page. You will get an glimpse of other people’s traffic. Typically only 60% of people review. So if someone have 10 reviews in the last 5 days, they have probably sold 10-15 sales. This will help prevent you from missing any environment changes in your particular space.

When things are slower, It gives me a chance to check other things like

How many clicks i get verses impressions. This is optimized by better thumbnail pics.
How many sales I get in relationship to clicks (conversion rate) This is optimized by how good and clear my offer is.

On January 5th, Fiverr put my thumbnail in front of 800 people, but only 25 people clicked on it.

The graphic section is real competitive and you are rocking it!


Hey there @landongrace! Sorry for the slight hijack, but I recall your helpful posts in times past and I just wanted to say I’m glad to see you here! :slight_smile:


Look at the username on the forum and the username in the profile link. Something is odd here. The username I see is @graphics_hub211 but they’ve added a link to: fiverr.com/graphics_hub21,


Thanks. Hope you are doing well. I appreciate all that you contribute.


Thank you, Landon. Happy New Year to you and your family and hope to see you a little more often. :tada:


What I know is, as emma told me earlier, when a user has a change in email address or sthng, they add the number “1” at the end of the user id for the FORUM id.

But for this id, it really is weird because the profile images do not match.


The seller has to log off the forum and log back on for it to refresh to the new picture.


You’re not alone. It was like this for me same time last year, and the year before.


I thought of that too, but that’s just to bring clarity to your blurred pro pic.

The image pulled from the server is directly linked to the profile that is on the main site. This is the first instance I have noticed this, @fonthaunt also raised the flag as well that’s why.


I have noticed that when I change my own profile pic, there is a delay in the change on the forum unless I do log out and back in, just as Gina suggested. It does eventually catch up even if you don’t, though. This particular user is a little different since there are 2 usernames.

I’m thinking now that it is related to the addition of the 1 after an email change, so this person is perhaps graphics_hub21 on Fiverr but graphics_hub211 on the forum. If they added their own profile link, they would have used just 21 (accurately) and the picture just didn’t catch up right away. I really wish the usernames didn’t have to change just because of an email address change. That makes it tougher to tell when a user might be using multiple accounts and when it’s just the system.


It gets weirder! If there are two users with almost identical usernames (let’s call them “abcdefgh” and “abcdefgh_”), the one with “_” at the end will be shown as “abcdefgh1” in the forum.

EDIT: I see now that you have noticed that particular case. :slight_smile:


Yes, this behavior is strange. It would be nice it was more clear, though I really don’t have a great idea for what I would prefer. I imagine forum usernames can be changed, unlike Fiverr usernames. I don’t have the ability to change them, but if we identify problem ones (like two people names janedoe with weird endings) and it’s only a small number of users, maybe we can actually have the user choose an identifier or we choose one for them based on their country or sales category or something. Then the forum username could be altered case by case.

So far only a few of these have cropped up, but I doubt it’s going to stay few enough to manage manually like that. With this new forum being so young and already having at least 10 users with oddities like that, my gut feeling is that it’s going to be something we’ll just have to adjust too. On the plus side, it could make it harder for those who have multiple accounts to hide them. On the down side, it could make some honest users look guilty! :wink:


Thank you so much :slight_smile:

I have heard from lots of sellers last month that they are not getting enough sales because of holidays but last month was fabulous for me because I got lots of orders so I was just thinking maybe orders are slow this month for any reason.


Thanks for you reply . Maybe it because of new year and some people still enjoying holidays


@fonthaunt @djgodknows @catwriter

I don’t know whats happening as I am new on forum.
I Didn’t change my email so I have no idea why I got extra “1” in my username.
and about the profile picture I had no idea why I had my previous profile picture here on forum and it was quite blurred as well. so after reading @gina_riley2 reply I logged out and now I have the same profile picture on my fiverr id and forum id.


What about this year?