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Less stressful countdown?

So, one big thing I’ve always noticed about fiverr, is the countdown starts once the buyer pays. But if you’ve ever done 24 hour commissions, you’ll realize why that’s pretty faulty.

  1. Timezones!! If someone from australia buys something from me, and I just fell asleep, I might only have less than twelve hours to complete the order–maybe even six if I have anything else to do before getting online. That’s the worst feeling in the world to know someone bought from you, and you’re expected to complete it without even the benefit of a true twenty four hours.

But, I get why they do this. The old and classic, “the customer’s always right.” Because Fiverr leans on the side of the buyer more than of the provider. But I have a good means for everyone to have their cake and eat it too.

Let the timer start when the buyer comes on, but, give them twenty four hours to log on to the site. No matter the order type, though if you want to be less strenuous, a friend suggested two for non express orders.

I could take a bet, that if you actually had a survey on buyers for how long they’d be willing to wait for their orders, a majority won’t mind an extra day or two of waiting. Plus you’ll start to see more people actually use the express function.


You should increase your deadline then. The sellers reduce their delivery time so as to attract more customers. Almost every big company that’s successful believes in “the customer’s always right”, including Amazon.

I would suggest you increase your delivery time to 48 hours.

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That’s the most realistic option, sure. But it would still be interesting to see an actual survey done on the topic, just so we’re not just utilizing assumptions.

The countdown only starts when they’ve completed their requirements, not when they’ve paid. That leaves you 24 hours to do whatever you need to do. If it’s not enough time, then increase your delivery time.

Added - it won’t matter as you don’t seem to have any gigs up.


If I set up a gig and in the requirements I set the answers as not mandatory, will that make the orders start automatically?

That’s a good question! I think that the buyer has to submit something via the requirements section before the countdown starts, unless you tick the box that says something like ‘I’ve got everything I need to start this order’ - then the clock would start after that.


We now have the option whenever anyone orders to start the order without waiting for a buyer to add the requirements so you can go ahead and start orders any time.

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Yes there is that option to say you have received all the requirements but my question is, if I uncheck the mandatory answer in my requirements will the buyer get the option to fill in the requirements? If the buyer will or won’t get that option, what will happen if he or she doesn’t fill anything. Will the order auto start?

No - I still think they’ve got to submit something, even if you don’t say it’s mandatory.

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Guys, this is getting pretty off topic.

I think the only thing they will be asked to answer is the "What industry does this order relate to? (Added by Fiverr) " @cookieluv246 how is this off topic? We are trying to figure out why the count down would automatically start


Good thinking! :slightly_smiling_face:

Not off topic at all - you’re trying to work out when the countdown starts - we’re trying to help.

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@offlinehelpers This seems like the sort of question you could have made another thread about, I actually did learn something from it, but it feels like it’s derailing the point of my topic. Especially considering the question already got answered, I would rather people converse about the pro’s and cons about setting up a delayed countdown system in the first place, rather than the actual semantics of when the countdown goes off–since for all intents and purposes, it feels more like a typo on my part.

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Sorry you’ve read it as that - but your point was that the 24 hours started when the buyer pays - that’s not right, so we were trying to work out exactly when it did start.


I’m sorry for the technicality slip then. In my defense, I never ask for anything with any of my orders, so it essentially is when the buyer pays.

How do you do that if you don’t have any gigs for sale?


Yes, how does that happen? :thinking:

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I have no idea! :innocent::thinking:

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I’m sure there must be a logical answer so I’m sure she will let us know…