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Less than 24hrs impressions

Well, I’ve only just begun setting everything up. Have two gigs setup thus far. So far, less than 24hrs in, 3 (and counting) spam messages. This is actually worse than craigslist so far. Does it get better?

How can I minimize this? Or is it simply because it’s a new account and they see potential opportunity?


You can always just report and block. Just be careful about links. I’ve seen some spam that’s not obviously spam but a way to verify if it’s a real buyer, is to ask them to send it directly on the platform. Be it text or photo. I get 3+ messages of spam a week sometimes. I feel like it comes in phases where I hardly receive at all or receive it all at once haha. :sweat_smile:

I’m not sure if newer accounts receive more, when I first started I never received any. That was 3 years ago though.

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I’ve received at least 8 by now. :slight_smile:

Hopefully it slows down as my account gains some age. This is new to me and it’s definitely giving me mixed emotions. Trying to keep and open mind so when an honest actual person comes along I don’t overreact haha