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Less work in December?

Hey, do you guys think this month has fewer works for sellers? I feel like this happening to me, not sure if this is true.


Tips for sellers is for experienced sellers to give tips to other sellers. Therefore, I have moved your post to the category where it belongs. Or you could have recived a :black_flag:! :scream_cat:


Its my first December on fiverr, am also curious to know. I hope things look up this month for us

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Thanks for letting me know. I am new in forum, still learning about this

@aswaninabwen510 and @mehedi_jony, the search feature on the Forum landing page is very useful to get your questions answered. Try it, you may learn something.


maybe it is true this December workload is low

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I was think will be a huge black Fiverr and that I will have many new orders, but until now just 6 orders, i’am afraid of the next month :frowning:

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Many clients will go for vacation. For that reason many seller will get less sell than other months. I hope you got the point. Thanks!


Yes it is true. Happened last December as well due to Christmas. Hopefully it will get better by 2020


My Decembers are usually excellent.


yes brother, because of Christmas and winter vacations

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Yes experiencing the same here!

This is also my first December on Fiverr but so far it has been the best month for me. I’m curious to see how it will end with all the holidays and stuff.

Hi :slight_smile: I think for this December I got less sales… But last year my sales was increased for December than other months… So there are ups and downs… So don’t worry Be happy :wink:

The year is ending, vacation time is coming. Businesses are running a bit slow, hence there are little job offers and will continue to go so till mid February as per my experience.

Let’s see what happen

So far so good for me.
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Perhaps we can speed some projects if work together :+1:

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For me, this month sales are lower compared to November…

I am also experiencing the same. Looks like Fiverr buyers are busy buying Christmas gifts and Fiverr sellers are having very less work in this month.

Wish you all great 2020 with lots of work orders.


That depends on what they’re selling. For example, those who sell Christmas gifts might be doing great.