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Lesson delivery extension with no response

One of my Fiverr gigs is providing online music lessons. I have a set delivery time of 6 days as default but if a buyer selects a date beyond this timeframe then I send a request for delivery extension.

I recently had a buyer confirm an order, but they did not select a time in my Gig Requirements section (they have to follow a link they claimed did not work). We organised a time through messaging instead, which came and went with no buyer response, and the same happened again.

Eventually, I had to send an official request to extend the delivery time, explaining that we could no longer find a time for the lesson within the original 6-day timeframe.

The buyer has since ignored me and the dispute is still ongoing. I don’t understand why either, as they have already paid for the service.

I’m not sure what to do - should I cancel the order? I understand this will show up badly on my profile as I do not have many orders, but the buyer is unlikely to cancel the order or accept the resolution as it has now been over a week with no response. What can I do?


Hi, Just go and deliver the order then, it will mark as complete automatically after 3 days. After that send him a message that says please contact me here in chat and schedule your work. He’ll definitely listen to you. Explain him everything in the message. Thank you!

Thanks for your response.
This seems a little wrong to deliver the order as I won’t have actually completed the work, and I suspect it could also affect my profile? I don’t know, Fiverr doesn’t really seem to provide solutions to this kind of problem

Then go for cancellation and tell the support that your buyer is not responding and face the effects. Effects are temporary.

It’s good to know that they’re temporary at least. Thank you

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Best of Luck Dude! :100: