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Lessons Learned From Life

Although I am a member on Fiver since 2017, but I recently started selling my services on fiver from August 2019. I do love designing power point presentations and that is exactly what I have been trying to sell here for the past 2 months. But unfortunately, the luck does not seems to be by my side right now.

One thing that I have learned from my life, is that in order to achieve something you need to have commitment and dedication towards it. No matter how long the path might seem to be and no matter the hurdles in between. If you have patience and capability to learn from your failures, you will eventually have the breakthrough that you have been waiting for your whole life. And that is exactly what I will do no matter how long it takes me to become a successful free lancer.


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You will find lots of tips to help you in the above.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

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