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Let buyers be enlightened like us doer's get!


Okay, we as sellers get loads of advice on how to deal with buyers and how to give our BEST to the buyers. But what kind of information does the community deliver towards buyers?

For instance, each day we face a ton of problematic buyers whoa are new to fiverr, who are not clear about the requirement or clearly doesnt know anything about how fiverr works.

Do they also get bombarded with advice on…

  1. how to discuss and get things with sellers?
  2. How to discuss BEFORE you start a project?
  3. Understanding a seller and his/her specialized industry/service?
  4. How fiverr works ?
  5. Understanding custom orders?
  6. Understanding the revisions and modification system?
  7. Understanding the ratings system and how buyer to seller review affects a seller.
  8. Finalizing and completing orders.

Dont you think each buyer should be fully aware of this check list before approaching a day to day fiverr?


I agree that buyers should know how Fiverr works, but that should be Fiverr’s job, not the forum users.

A lot’s been done already to help buyers in the past:


There are plenty of posts for buyers, but most buyers won’t read these. I agree with @offlinehelpers that it’s Fiverr’s responsibility to educate customers on the main site not in the forum.


yes, but even still… fiverr should try implementing options and tactics to buyers which they can go through all above information before an order maybe?


Here’s what they’ve got now:


That won’t work. If a buyer needs a $5 gig they won’t spend 15 minutes learning how to use Fiverr.
Fiverr’s strategy has always been that buyer should be able to buy a service as quickly as possible.


very one sided yes… but it workes most of the time for the buyer because the seller is chained by ratings, reviews and all. :smiley:


I can see exactly what you’re saying, and of course agree that all buyers should know how the site works etc. :slightly_smiling_face:

In the end, all it takes is for a buyer to misread, ignore, or generally not understand. No amount of hand holding or education is going to get over that I’m afraid. :sunny: