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Let buyers of cancelled orders know sellers can't reply to them

Arrrgggg this is half rant, half suggestion. I had a customer put an order for a gig through to get a quote. I cancelled their order, letting them know they didn’t have to get a gig to get a quote, I do quotes for free, but gave them the information they requested and told them to message me if they wanted to go ahead and I could send them a custom quote (for over $200).

However (frustratingly - and this is the second time it has happened to me for a big order!) they replied not via an inbox message, but via the order and now as the order is cancelled, I can no longer contact them!! :frowning: :frowning:

I am very sure, if the customer realised the difference between replying on the order and sending me an inbox message, they would not have done it, but I am sure there is nothing to alert them to the fact that once they send that message, they will no longer be able to communicate with me (as there is no way for me to answer back to them) and now the buyer will probably think I am rude and not interested in their job :frowning:

Alternatively, just let conversations continue or be able to contact buyers even after an order is cancelled, please!!!

so bummed, I even contacted customer service about this almost 24 hours ago now and still not even had a response from them, very frustrating…

Hi sue_mcl, Sorry to hear about your experience. I have a suggestion to maybe help you and your buyers. If someone purchases your gig for just a quote, that means they are ready and would like to see what you’ve got. Instead of not accepting the gig pay provide them with the quote and additional information, like a template, form, or just further reading material on the subject.

Well hoorah! Customer service did help in the end and I was able to finally contact the buyer and he placed the order, thank goodness!!!

All I needed to do was change the URL to have the customers name and the word conversations, to bring up the message box. ie

Would be a million times easier if there was just a contact link at the end of the sale like there is on completed sales, but I least I managed to save the situation and get my big order :slight_smile: