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Let exchange your gigs favourite

Please saved or favourite my gigs and order now for your project.I will make bighead cartoon portrait.
here’s my gig link:


Thank you for your support…I will also do the same.

There aren’t any benefits in saving each other gig as favorites


When will this end?
Why do you need people to bookmark your gig without an intention to buy?

If you think that it will help to rank your gig, then it wouldn’t. It simply serves as a bookmark option.


Really sir.
But I need.Can you do this for me?I will be greatfull to you if you do.

Really.But my gig is not shown first page for keyword search…So what can i do now?

Why, I will not buy your gig, therefore I don’t need to bookmark it. It will not help you at all anyway so why asking other people to bookmark your gig?

I guess you heard that it will help you to bring sales. That is not true at all!

And nobody knows how to be on first page. Exchanging gig favorites will not do anything for rank or for anything else.

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Thank you for your information…So what can i do now for gigs ranking?

@turjo5 Just optimise your gigs rather than wasting time on saying people to bookmark yor gigs
Then hopefully you could be on the first page

That question has been answered so many times on forum, suggest you find that thread and read everything about it.


Ok.thank you for your suggestion