Let me ask the Level 2, Top Rated Sellers: Your advice for newbies?


Hey guys, I just started off on Fiverr, made my first sale, and I’m really happy. I hope to launch off my gig to Level 1 in a month (New Year’s Resolution!!!) Any advice to the newbies? Don’t link to another post! Please be short and concise.


Have a wide range of gigs and always make videos! They are actually very helpful!

  1. Always make a video… without it, do not even think of coming near lvl 1… I started selling without vid, and I had like few orders a day… with video I got 3x more orders!

  2. Watch for the cancellation ratio… the more you cancel, the less will Fiverr give you traffic (and they can lower your levels because of cancellation ratio) - solution: encourage people to contact you for special wishes, and be crystal clear in gigs you are offering!

  3. Make your page title SEO friendly (setup your first gig title to be short and SEO, after that fiverr will create “extension” on their primary link with your title in it… after that you can change title, the link of your gig will stay the same).

  4. Make few gigs of the same type that will be in different categories, different titles… Test, test and test (like with everything online!)

  5. If your gig does not sell within 5 - 7 days, delete it and start new one (within 5 days will be probably out of first page, and if it sells, it will be once in million years!)

  6. Don’t be scared and go ahead, no matter what happens… if you don’t achieve until new year lvl 1, push it until you do… and when you achieve it, push it to lvl2, after that to TOP Seller… Just go forward!

    Promote it on Fb (Ads, in groups, fan pages, share it…), and any other social network you have!

    Good Luck (:


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