Let me change vacation mode without gigs


Hi there,

So I’ve just deleted all my gigs as they were on non-active for a while and I don’t intent to place them on active anytime soon. The problem is that I can’t change my vacation settings now, as I am not a seller anymore.

I would be nice to have a clean interface instead of the orange at my accountoverview :slight_smile: (see attached file).

If I click on ‘Change Vacation Mode’, I get redirected to “https://www.fiverr.com/start_selling”.

I hope that Fiverr can fix this.




I think what is happening is that because you didn’t switch it back to not being on Vacation before you deleted your gigs, the site has glitched and thinks your still on vacation mode. Since you can only change vacation mode from an existing gig page you can’t change it back until you have an active gig to turn it off. So here are your options:

  1. Contact customer support, explain the situation, and they’ll help you out.

  2. Create a dummy gig, or recreate one of your previous gigs, the when it’s all set up, switch vacation mode to off. Then delete the gig.

    Hope that helps! Good luck.