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Let me get this straight

I took caution to try and ensure that my gig did not infringe on any rights. However, my gig was denied, and the reasoning for it present on the Denied gig page was that my video was a Third Party TOS violation. I contacted support about it and they told me that it was NOT the video. Fiverr does not check user generated content for claims like this, instead somebody made a complaint, and got my gig denied. Under Fiverr’s Intellectual Property Claims Policy, they are to notify me regarding the material that was in violation. I asked them to do as such, and they simply responded that, again, it was not the video. Are they not obligated to notify me of the material in question (and also allot me a response)?

Maybe the service you were providing was against some other site’s rules (TOS/Terms of use).
eg. if it was the game thing maybe they don’t allow buying/selling of items for the game.

What was your gig ? So your gig got denied but it was a system generated saying it was the video. But when you contacted CS, they tell you it isn’t the video but that someone made a complaint. Did I get that correctly?

I think I read somewhere in the forum way back that its more of the system causing the gig to be denied than someone actively going over the gigs. It could be a keyword that is not allowed (e.g. academic work), a copyrighted image, putting links that are not permitted and anything that violates ToS.

After looking into it more, I believe that might be the case. I’ll be going ahead and removing any such services. I do wish they had simply stated that it was the service as a whole, instead of just darting around the question.

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