Let me have the Available Now feature


I would like to have the Available Now feature.

I don’t have it due to having old orders that never started.

These should not disqualify me from having this. These are not active orders. They should not be considered active orders.

Please give us this feature.


Even if i have 3 orders it says i have more than 5 orders.
So a lot of improvement needed


Contact support and ask them to cancel the old orders!
Ask them to ensure it won’t affect your cancellation rate first though.


I read that someone had them say that and then it did anyway.


Are we still facing a low sale and new conversations on fiverr?
The pattern seems to not changed since October downfall


It counts the order which dont start yet as buyers did not send requerements yet.


Yes, it still affects cancellation rate for 60 days. I’m in the same boat and asked CS.:zipper_mouth_face: