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Let Me Help Advertise YOUR gigs On Pintrest FREE [ARCHIVED]

Hey there!

I was looking in the forums and saw that abelg99 had a great idea. If you have a gig you want pinned on pintrest, provide it to me and I’ll pin it to my board! if you choose to pin mine as well go ahead :slight_smile:

I will also follow your account and you can follow me back if you choose! This is a great way to network your gigs outside of Fiverr and bring the sales in, hopefully!

Let’s give it a shot :slight_smile:


Sheriff’s Note: This is an old thread that turns out to have way too many links in it to be allowed in other categories and is just leading to confusion. The thread will now be closed.

Thank u! This is my latest gig. This can help sellers in promoting their gigs. Very effective. Please pin, collect and share it. Thanks

Feel free to repin any of my gig pins. :slight_smile:

Done! I pinned tumichael’s and destini’s gigs :slight_smile:

Heres mine to pin

Here You Go :slight_smile:


Yes please… its great…


Everyone above, I have pinned your gigs :slight_smile:

Abelg99, I pinned yours before making this thread :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. I hope networking on Pinterest can help promote our gigs! Pinterest Fiverr

done following your gig

pin mine and follow collect too thanks

Thank you so much! Here is my gig:

Kimberlee :slight_smile:

Great initiative! Please pin mine too.

Wow! Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

hey, so much help lately, thank you!

Everyone’s gig has been pinned! Good luck! :smiley:

That would be awesome:

I could definitely use the promotion:

What a wonderful idea! Thanks for this!

I am following you now. :slight_smile:

My Fiverr Profile:

Here’s all my gigs that you can pick and choose from if you like: (this one is the most popular)

Thanks again!

HI i have an amazing Gig

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