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Let me know about the Gig analytics

For the last few days, I have seen that one of my Gig impression showing lesser day by day and another one of my Gig has shown lesser clicks after one day. Please let me know what does it mean? If anyone sees my Gig then how can it be possible to come it down on the next day? What may be the logic behind it, please guide me so that I can work on my part to improve it.


Because it means that less people saw your gig ext day than the day before . :woman_shrugging:


Please let me clear it. If I had got 2.8 k impressions yesterday and also get 2.9 k impressions today, does it mean each day I get 2.8 / 2.9 k new impressions and so on? Then it also may happen that any day I will see that there are no impressions on my Gig and next day I will see that my Gig will show 2.9 k impressions again. As a veteran seller, please guide me.

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If you open your gig analytics and put your mouse on a specific dot with a number of impressions it will show you extract day when you had those impressions :wink:


Thanks for your kind reply. It seems that I have accumulated a total 2.9 k impressions by yesterday since the creation of this Gig. Then how it is possible to show lesser impressions by today. If I had got 2.9 k impressions yesterday, then it may happen only increase it by today. I have seen the Gig analytics and I have found that there may be a problem in the calculation to accumulate the impressions. Please let me know if you agree or feel free to know me if there is anything wrong with my understanding.

Well I would disagree because if you again check your gigs analytics you will see that it counts 30 days performance. So the first day out of those 30 days yesterday will not count today and if had big amount of impressions that are not taken into account anymore then of course today’s number can be lower that yesterday’s number

Ok Thanks! I have got it now. I have clearly understood the statistics now. Once again thank you very much for your kind response.

Have you read this yet?
Bit more information there.

Sorry for being late to reply. Thanks a lot to you. I have read the Viewing Gig Statistics carefully and I have found that it clearly mentions that by default, these statistics represent the past 30 days. I did not know it, that’s why I couldn’t understand why my impressions are decreasing day by day. Once again thank you very much for sharing the link.