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Let me know if anything is wrong with my gig


Hello everyone!

I joined Fiverr just a few days ago and I set up my gig already. I have a gig description, a picture and audio samples of my work (my gig is trap and hip hop production). I’m getting some decent views and clicks but no orders. I would like to know if anything is keeping some buyers away, so let me know if I can improve anything with my gig to attract more attention and buyers.




Can you put a link to your gig so that we can help you.


Alright I included the link.


You haven’t filled in your profile description so suggest you do that. Have a look at other profiles for how to complete this but do not copy them. Also just say “I will do a good job.” Saying “I hope I will do a good job” does not come across as very positive or professional. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face: