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Let me know your suggestion for being a professional fiverr seller

I am a graphic designer. I originally do t-shirt designing. I have studied it perfectly. But I am a new member of Fiverr. When is the best selling time in the online marketplace of Fiverr? I wanted to do something by freelancing. My family depends on me. And I am the maintainer of my family. Provide me some good information so that I can start my earning. Or is there anyone who will give me a job for a long time that I will work with him or any support so that I can go ahead? I want to work on Fiverr professionally.

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I see you have 38-minutes read time on the Fiverr Forum.

In case you haven’t seen them, I suggest you read up on the Terms of Reference and other Fiverr posts designed to help new Sellers.

That’s how you succeed here on Fiverr.