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Let me rant, let me rant, let me raaaant

Yup, title says it all.
In case I’ve never mentioned this before, I have terrible anger management skills.
You might think as a Japanese, all I need to do is just sit down in a temple and meditate
and all will be good, but not me, sadly.

This rant is going to be long. Veeeeery long.

Well to be honest the situation might not be THAT bad for some people but I
take this quite personally.
In the past in almost all cases, CS was very helpful and they acted quick
whenever I reported a problem. Well this time, it ain’t the case.

So here’s what’s happening.
As we all know, Fiverr is a great place where you can get great service, but sadly there are plenty of fake/bad sellers who just steals images from online, copy/paste contents, etc. Same thing can happen with people who offers translation.
There are many who claims to be bilingual/certified professionals when all they are doing is just using Google or other translation software.

I have come across a lot of these sellers, but in a lot of cases I just ignore them because there are way too many ( and a lot of them don’t get orders), but there are exceptions.
It’s when a cautious buyer orders a translation from a seller who offers very cheap service, and then comes to me asking for proofreading/quality checking.
And there you go, it’s Google rubbish.

When a buyer comes and ask for my help, THEN it becomes my business.

I report that seller right away, and in most cases I also send them the rubbish translation as proof ( asking for the buyer’s permission of course).

I was once told by CS that they “have a means to check whether the translation is decent or not,” not sure what that means and how they check unless they have a whole team of bilingual elites who can speak languages all over the world, but OK, fine, let’s trust them.

A while ago I was approached by a buyer who asked me to check a translation, I checked it, it was garbage, I reported the seller ( surprise surprise, was a level 2 seller with many good reviews but was not from Japan even though she claimed to be), seller got banned the following day, end of story.
Several days later, the seller came back and it was easy to spot the seller because the same image and description was being used with a slightly different name. Reported the seller, got banned, came back, reported, banned, reported, banned, it became a game of wack- a -mole. After a while I gave up, and moved on.

Fast forward a few weeks, got approached by yet another cautious buyer, same thing happened and I found out that it was the same fake seller. Reported her, got banned, she comes back the following day, report, banned, repeat. Seems like Fiverr is too much of a juicy income for her to give up.
In most cases each time she popped back up I report her and she gets banned right away, but in some cases it takes several days and while that is going on she usually buys reviews to lure in buyers.

A couple of months again once again I was approached by a buyer, same thing happened, and I reported this seller along with proof.

And for some reason, nothing happened.

I waited for a week or so and tried reporting the seller again, sending the translation she worked on, and nothing.
While CS was doing nothing, the seller kept on stealing from buyers. She still is BTW.
Since she does have good reviews and her rates are very low, she continues to get more and more buyers.

I was quite shocked since from my past experience fake sellers get banned very quickly, especially when they have proof.
Since nothing was happening, as much as I was upset, I gave up. I thought maybe I can wait until another buyer asks me for proofreading.

Then it happened, just last week I checked a letter written by a 16 year old girl from Italy. The letter was going to be sent to a potential future host family in Japan.
She entrusted her letter to this fake seller, and when I checked the contents, well of course, it was fake. When I asked her who worked on the translation, well, you guessed it, it was the same fake seller whom I’ve been trying to report.

And this is why I am so angry, and it turns me into an obsessive psycho on a witch hunt to get fake translators banned.
I have been asked to proofread business letters, presentations, graduation projects etc which were translated by this fake seller, and a good number of buyers told me that “I have saved them from a humiliation of a lifetime,” while other buyers actually DID experience such humiliation.

In this case, the letter was written by a young passionate young lady who dreams of coming to my country someday, and this happens. Just by reading her letter I can tell how serious she was and how much she respects my country and culture.
I think another thing that bothers me quite a lot is that this seller ALWAYS comes back as a Japanese.
I guess Japanese people do have the reputation of being overall “polite and honest and hardworking” (even though there are plenty of dishonest idiots, trust me) , and she is using that. That also makes me angry.

This seller claims to be one of us, a Japanese, and a “certified” professional.
I took the original English letter written by the girl and the translated garbage along with my comments and sent it to CS.

…and nothing happened.
When I reported her, I made sure I sounded polite, as much as I wanted to say something along the lines of FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE CS, DO YOUR JOB!!! JUST LOOK AT THE FILE, IT’S CLEAR THAT IT’S FAKE DARN IT!!!

Aside from my anger/frustration, I am quite puzzled though.
Why am I not being taken seriously this time?
If the translation file is not good enough of a proof, what else can I possibly

And one more thing, no, I am not trying to get rid of a competitor.
When I get too busy I redirect my buyers to other sellers I personally trust.

One time I asked a CS staff if I should I just stop, and perhaps I am not being taken seriously because I report too often. He told me that I since I make sure to report every few weeks and not everyday and I do sound as polite as possible it shouldn’t be a problem, and also added that I should keep doing what I am doing.

Well, I might try reporting again in a few weeks???
In the meantime, she will continue to steal and lie from people.
I know I know, it’s not my fault nor my responsibility, but still.
Even if she does get banned soon, she’s been reported and banned over 15 times now.
I know she’ll be back, but if simply hitting the report button is going to stop her, I’ll continue to do so. Yes, call me an obsessive psycho, I can live with that.

That’s it for now, thank you for reading, stay safe, don’t go outside, and
have a nice day :slight_smile:


I feel your frustration @zeus777.


Miss Zeus, I’m so sorry about this. It’s puzzling that they get a cheap translation service they need you to check, rather than just hiring you in the first place, but I have the same thing happening in my line of work.

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Thank you ladies for your reply ( and also reading that darn long thing)
It’s sad, CS was so helpful and quick in the past, and right now I feel more upset
towards CS than this fake seller.
I’ll try reporting again in a while.

What people tend to do is order from several different buyers ( with different rates etc), then come to me so they can compare which seller is good, and once I point out the good ones, they go on and order more from them.
I HAVE come across sellers who charges very low prices ( a bit too low in my opinion) that are actually qualified and skilled.
Most of the “good” ones aren’t cheap though, obviously!


If it worked the other times and just not now, maybe it’s to do with staff shortage, people being too relaxed working from home, ticket overload or something to do with Corona?

It’s frustrating, ikr. What I don’t get in any case is how it can be the same person again and again, what about multiple warnings for the same thing = ban in combination with IP/tech/phone number/withdrawal account/ID check, shouldn’t an intelligent verification that links all those things prevent “serial registrators”, do those people have an unlimited supply of phone numbers, withdrawal accounts, fake ID and everything too?


Oh, there are lots of people who really don’t have a clue about the intricacies of language. There are even also people who use machine translation themselves, or translate themselves if they kind of know the language, with the idea of then hiring a native speaker to “proofread” that “oevre”, at a proofreading rate, the idea being that proofreading is cheaper than translating. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, and Zeus not in any case, that there are some fundamental flaws in that modus operandi but, alas, many people have to be told, and of those, some will get it, others not.

The fact that many legitimate proofreaders say in their gigs that they don’t proofread machine translations or such not done by native speakers, or have different rates for that, should be a clue, but either it isn’t, or people don’t even “look around” a bit to get a better idea of things.

I’m also astounded by the sheer amount of people who think you can do a real proofreading of a translated text without proofreading it against the original text, but they only understand when you point it out to them, preferably with some drastic real life examples you’ve seen to prove your point.

To quote someone I recently had to explain related things to: “yikes”.
Many people aren’t aware at all of best practices, even if they should, because it affects their business (and they might “pay money for nothing”) when they don’t, some just look for the “best” price (usually translates into cheapest, not best price/value).

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It might depend whether you reported it as being not a high quality enough translation or whether you reported it as being faked through just using Google Translate. If you said you thought it wasn’t high high quality enough/had certain mistakes maybe they might ignore the report eg. in case they thought it was just due to a competitor reporting and because not all sellers in the category are going to deliver 100% perfect translations. Maybe they’d be more like to take action if it was the buyer who was reporting through the helpdesk

It could be less people available to check because of the virus or different people like suggested and they’re going through flags more quickly.

They should have better automatic checks in place to see if it’s the same machine etc. (eg. checked some of the thing suggested). Maybe they could automatically check deliveries against a Google Translate version to see if it’s almost identical (though maybe there could be times where that translation is correct but I assume it’s very unlikely for a big document).

I was at first surprised with how quickly this person came back, but I knew it was same person (or perhaps people in the same “group” ) because a very similar name as the previously banned account was being used, like my Fiverr name “zeus777” being changed to “zeus_777.”
Very similar names, same country ( not Japan), description, and image.
A while ago I found a FB page where members sold Fiverr reviews/accounts so I’m
guessing that’s where the seller keeps getting her new account. (and the FB page members are all from the same country as her) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I actually did report as Google or some kind of a translation software.
I have seen “poor quality” translations done by people who are not native speakers but trying their best, but when it comes to Google, it is very clear.
The Google translation made no sense in a lot of areas and the language was very
inconsistent throughout. I did point out some of those examples to CS, but you’re right, maybe they are short on staff. Oh boy.

I’ll try again in a bit maybe. Like I said, once I am asked to check a file I feel
involved, and I juuuuuuuust can’t let it go.
I am impressed with how determined this person is to keep coming back as a
fake seller, too bad she’s not using her energy in the right way.


They might have priority issues they solve before ones that are like this right now. I’m just guessing of course.

Now that’s dedication on their part if they keep coming back. I’d probably become paranoid at this point and try selling something else.

I let these things go, honestly.

The buyer comes in, wants me to design something huge (like an exhibition stand), brings in a lovely and fresh $5 logo they bought on fiverr. It’s tiny, of course, and in raster (meaning that it can’t be resized without losing quality and becoming a pixelated blurry stain). I tell the buyer that the logo is unusable and they go: “Well, the other guy told me it’s the only file I’ll need”. I roll my eyes, redraw the thing, give the buyer a lecture about the importance of purchasing logos in vector format and send them on their way. It happens a lot. Every other logo that I get to work with is like this.

Not to minimize your frustration, of course. I feel it with every fibre of my being.


$5 translations!

We fix $5 translations.


Ok my man, I feel you but take a deep breath, hold 3 seconds and let go :slight_smile: No but seriously, yeah, it sucks but… it is what it is. Bad apples were, are and will be all the time. Frustrating, I know. What I would suggest you to do is, do the improved translation, get your money and move on, not worth investing your energy into this, seriously now. I would also stop with the reporting thing, yeah I know, you don’t like what she’s doing, I get it but you’ll feel much better if you will just ignore this and do your own thing, at least try it, try it for a week and see how that works. Anyway, I hope this will give you some perspective, good luck. :wink:

Unfortunately I am not blessed with such mental capacity.
I’d like to make it clear that I’m not on this witch hunt 24/7, I have better things to do :sweat_smile: When I am asked to proofread a file and I become involved, then
it becomes a different story. That’s just the way I am.
I am pleased to say though, the seller recently got banned.

My friend said “You’re like Cercei” and in this case, I take that as a compliment.
In case you are wondering, I ain’t a dude. :laughing:


zeus777 you are mental. Imagine being the other seller and having this nightmare of a woman chasing after you

Me too.

I’ve been there and know exactly what it is having to tell your buyer that the “manual” translation they paid for is pure and simple software-based/Google garbage.


I do offer software-based/Google translation proofreading, ask for the English/Portuguese content in those cases, and my buyers always tell me when their content is of such nature.

The problem arises when buyers hire proofreading of a supposedly “manual translation” they have been given. It’s heartbreaking having to tell them they were scammed.


If I was stealing from people multiple times, I’d expect someone to come after me. :wink:
I am quite mental though in some cases. I can live with that.

Never an easy task, especially if the buyer chose that seller due to the
good ratings and comments.
The good news is a good number of sellers come to me before they were
planning to use the Google material, and once they find out it was rubbish, those sellers get their money back.
Sadly some of them come to me after experiencing a very embarrassing situation, like giving a presentation in front of their clients using slides with terrible translation… :tired_face: